5 Best Father’s Day Gifts For Gearheads 2022

July 25, 2022

Father’s Day takes place on the first Saturday in September, which falls on the 4th this year. That’s not far away, so now is the perfect time to start thinking of gift ideas, especially if your dad is a gearhead who is sometimes hard to buy for!

Finding a gift doesn’t have to be difficult with the vast array of car upgrades available from Sound Garage - you can either choose one that you think he will love or let him decide.

Once you have decided what upgrade to buy, simply book a consultation and we'll talk you through the best options and the upgrade will be done in no time. But which upgrade should you opt for?

In this blog, we run through the top 5 best Father’s Day gifts for gearheads in 2022.

Car Camera Dash Cam

1. Car Audio Upgrade

We can fit out any model or make of car with the best-sounding car audio system that will enhance your father’s favourite music while he drives along.

Our personalised service will ensure your dad gets what he wants out of his car sound system and tailor it completely to his needs, within any budget. For example, we offer speakers, amplifiers, head units, and more.


2. In-Car Navigation

There are so many choices on the market for in-car navigation, and Sound Garage can help your loved one find the best option for them that will ensure “Dad’s taxi” never gets lost. We stock and install top-of-the-range in-car navigation systems that show advanced street mapping and are often compatible with Apple, Google and Waze Navigation apps.

These feature optimised user interfaces so they are easy to get the hang of.


3. Dash Cam Installation

Dash cams are a vital piece of kit to ensure a car is protected against theft and for providing evidence in road incidences. If your dad doesn’t have a dash cam, it's the ideal functional gift. We stock many kinds to fit a range of budgets which come with advanced video and audio recording technology.


4. Full Vehicle Kit Out

Why not go all the way and treat your dad to a full vehicle kit out? This can include any of the upgrades on this list and anything else that we provide that he might want - just take a browse through our products.

This is the ideal “thank you” gift that he will love making use of every day in a variety of ways. Better than a pair of socks, if you ask us!


5. GPS Tracker

GPS trackers offer the ability to track a vehicle via the phone network, meaning that we can easily check the location of our cars just by glancing at our phones. People who value the safety and security of their cars will love this option, especially if they have more than one car and can't always keep an eye on both.

Get in touch with Sound Garage today!

Once you know what upgrades your dad needs, call Sound Garage on 07 3482 3861 to book a consultation.

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