Amplifiers Installations - Stinger Ferrules.

November 21, 2019

The team at Sound Garage are always looking at improving our quality level of installations. One of the improvements is using ferrules (Bootlace crimps)

The Team at Sound Garage uses and recommends the Stinger wire ferrules for our amplifier installations.

The Stinger SPTF range of wire ferrules is used to maximise current transfer plus create a professional finish look.

These ferrules are designed to slip over the stripped end of your power or speaker cable creating a solid neat connection when inserted into terminal blocks, fuse holders, amplifiers and other power sources.

Black heat shrink with Stinger Logo for the complete professional look.

Key Features:
• Improved Connection
• Improved Performance
• Improved Reliability
• Prevents wire splitting when using screw terminals and wire ‘hairs’ outside the terminal
• Meets termination standards

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