Biggest Mistakes Made When Buying A Car Audio System

January 8, 2020

Audio systems are for entertaining us on the road and now for many of us, our communications hub. Navigating long distances or fighting traffic demands time, so having the right audio system is now more in demand than ever with many finding features like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto offering better smartphone connectivity and ease of use with the ability to operate many commands via voice.

Music inside your vehicle can keep the atmosphere pleasant and after a stressful day, a few good songs can change your mood for the better. It even helps the occupants to escape the boredom of traffic congestion or long road trips.

You love music, and want to listen to it while riding in your car. The factory radio which was supplied with your vehicle isn't very good, and you want to have an alternative system which is louder, with improved clarity and better in every way.

Before you go out to improve your car audio, you need to listen to these simple tips on avoiding mistakes, provided by Sound Garage QLD.

Sourcing the rights parts.

With a lot of modern cars, you may require some advanced interfaces, components that allow you to intergrade your new audio system into your vehicle.

Most cars these days may also require facia kits, CANBUS modules that allow you to maintain factory features like steering wheel functions, parking sensors or even factory reverse cameras. 

Check out our what fits my ride link, this is one of a few on-line tools we use to ensure we get the right parts for your vehicle.

It's one of our helpful guides to assist you in finding all the right parts for your vehicle.

Not matching the power source

Not all cars use the same amps or power source, and this can be a serious problem if you spend a lot of money on a sound system, only for it to fail on day one.

No matter how powerful your audio, if you can't link it to the right system, it is as good as useless, and even if it does play, the sound won't be as good as you were expecting. We can only suggest that you invest time in designing your system in advance to ensure you get the right results.

Installing mismatched equipment 

You can end up damaging new equipment when you mismatch audio components such as the amplifier and subwoofer. Incompatible subwoofers and amplifiers combination can also lead to poor sound quality, which typically happens when the amp either overpowers or underpower the subwoofer. Under powering speakers or Subwoofers or excessive overpowering can lead to damaged product, a common fault we see is burnt voice coils due to poorly matched products.

Not checking the frequency range

Want to make sure you get the best results from your new audio system? You need to look at the frequency range of your sound system. With the right tools, the team at Sound Garage can see what your audio system is doing right through the frequency range allowing our us to tweak your system to ensure you get and nice even balanced sound from the highs right down to the lows.

Sound Garage has investing in the right tools, including the best AudioControl RTA meter to ensure you get the right tuning done at time of installation, making sure you get the best results out of your chosen system.

All the wrong settings

Your audio will come with a number of suggestions about settings, but you might not want to pay attention to that. Those suggestions may not suit your music, and knowing how to adjust the settings can improve your listening experience.

Again Sound Garage has invested in a quality AudioControl oscilloscope to get the best results out of your amplifiers and speakers by using the latest technology to correctly tune your system to gain the best results

Playing bad music

This isn't a judgement call upon your taste in music, but instead refers to the compression of audio. If the sound is too compressed, at lower than 256kbps, you won't get great quality in your sound.

If you want to stream music, look at premium music streaming services like Tidal or download Flac audio files onto a quality USB stick to get the best quality audio reproduction allowing you to maximise the sound out of  your audio system.

Poor installation

Having the right tools is one thing but having the ability to use them correctly is another. Besides an understanding of car audio technology and terminology, do you have the right skills?

Of course, the worst mistake that you can make is allowing someone who doesn't know what they are doing to install your new sound system.

One of the best ways to avoid messing up your car audio system is by seeking the help of someone who is experienced in installation.

But for the best car audio setup, hiring professionals like the team at Sound Garage, our team is always looking at ways of improving our installation techniques to get you the best results. 

Having a professional is essential if you want to listen to great sounds, and is well worth the cost. Ask us what the team at Sound Garage offer that is different to a normal installation to see what a little extra attention to detail can give your car stereo.

Don't risk it by not coming to us.

When you need perfect car sound in Queensland, there is only one place you can really go, and that is to Sound Garage QLD.

We pride ourselves on the range and quality of products and brands, that allows us to cater for most vehicles and budgets.

You can view our range of audio systems online at any time, and simply send us a message online if you have a question, or call us on 07-3482-3861 today.

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