October 14, 2017

You're building a custom system and want the best audio signal transfer? Stinger have just what you need.

With Stinger's Twisted Directional Interconnects, their cables will deliver quality sound with added noise rejection. In their 4000, 6000, 8000, & 9000 series of interconnects, Stinger have added a 3rd drain wire to pull noise away from the 2 twisted signal wires. These 3-conductor cables (per channel) are designed to reject noise and pull noise away from the the next device. To visualise, you only connect the 3rd (drain) conductor to the source side and the 2 signal conductors at the end component, keeping the noise from transferring to the next component.

The key to these interconnects is to make sure the arrows are facing the direction of the signal. The arrows can be found on all of our directional interconnects to help keep you from guessing.

It's spec's like these that Stinger is our preferred brand of interconnects, so that our team at Sound Garage can get the most out of your chosen system, rewarding you with superior sound.

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