IROAD launches Worlds best Full HD Dash Cam

May 28, 2018

IROAD, World’s Best Full HD “X9” Released!

IROAD X9 Dual Dash Cam


IROAD reforms the leading FHD quality in the global market again. IROAD X9 is the second version of globally marketed products based on its successful experience of the previous Q9 and Q7. New and improved image sensors in the IROAD X9 are SONY Starvis and Exmor sensors (front and rear camera respectively), they have proved to be brighter and more outstanding at night time and in dark surroundings.

The IROAD X9 is equipped all user-friendly and market oriented features such as stabilized high quality FHD for front and rear view, wide view angle, sleek modern design, large capacity optimized for 30 frames-per-second videos which provides ultimate user experience.

IROAD is remarkable for its unique designs and the X9 has continued with this tradition of sleek and modern design.

IROAD’s WiFi function has always been well-received by users, therefore, is also featured on the X9. Along with sustainable levels of power consumption, ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System), X-Vision, format-free files and Low Battery Protection (LBP) function.

IROAD X9 will continue to push the limits on modern dash cameras in the world.

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