Acoustic Treatment

It's common knowledge that Sound deadening improves car audio performance by enhancing frequency response and bass output and reducing panel resonance, road noise, rattles, and squeaks.

Sound Deadening also has unexpected benefits beyond audio.

Reducing road noise levels in your vehicle benefits long road trips by lowering fatigue, making them more pleasant.

Installing sound damping throughout your vehicle can quiet the unwanted noise, making it seem like you are taking those calls from a quiet office.

With sound damping, your car improves phone call quality and stabilizes interior temperature by insulating against heat. This makes your Air Conditioner or fridge in the back of your 4WD more efficient and keeps the interior of your vehicle comfortable in the blazing summer.

Talk to the Sound Garage team to discuss your options for enhancing your vehicle.

Stinger Roadkill RKXDK Acoustic Treatment - Door Kit
Stinger Roadkill RKX4 Universal Pack
Stinger Roadkill RKX36B EXPERT Acoustic Treatment - Bulk Kit
Dynamat DYNA-GLOVES 8581 Workshop gloves
Dynamat Dyna-Roller
Dynamat Xtreme Door Kit
PAC Audio BKVXT69 Universal 6×9" Speaker Baffles
InstallPRO IPBU69 Universal 6x9″ Speaker Baffle Kit
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Stinger RKINSTALL - Roller and knife for noisekiller installations
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Stinger Roadkill RKFR69 - FAST Ring 6x9″ Acoustic Rings Pack
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Dynamat - DYNATAPE Aluminium Finishing Tape
StP Standartplast Gold Line Noise Block 2
StP Standartplast Crystal
Stinger Roadkill RKU8 Ultimate Universal Kit - Acoustic Treatment
STP Standartplast Gold Line Mass`a Bass`a
Stinger Roadkill RKO12 Overkill Foam Damping Mat
Stinger Roadkill RKXHL Expert Thermal Hood Liner Kit
Stinger Roadkill RKCP12 CARPET PAD