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GPS Trackers

Vehicle Tracking & Theft Protection

The TRACK IN A BOX is a rugged, compact and weatherproof Telstra 3G GPS tracking device with internal antennae and backup battery, offering the ability to track any asset in the most demanding conditions.

A solar-powered version that requires no external power supply is ideal for trailer tracking and the monitoring of environmental and performance sensors via digital inputs.

Accessories include an RFID card reader to establish driver identification, cold chain monitoring systems and a data console with built-in screen and keypad for information capture.

Live tracking is via computer or smartphone with a scalable map in road or satellite form showing the location of all your assets with a sidebar setting out their status latest position, last registered speed and street address.

Live Tracking

Trip reports and “snail trail” maps are all available as well as Alerts that allow you to be notified of events via SMS and email such as speeding, after hours usage, maintenance intervals etc. As an additional security feature, geo-fencing is standard and tamper or tow away alerts may be set to detect interference after hours.

GPS Trackers provides a complete window on your business and can be installed by the team at Sound Garage.

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