Alpine INE-W970A Apple CarPlay/Android Auto/CD/DVD Receiver


Alpine INE-W970A

6.5" Navigation Apple CarPlay / Android Auto / CD/DVD Receiver

Alpine takes in-car entertainment to the next level with the all-in-one Alpine INE-W970A Navigation Station equipped with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Its simple and user-friendly interface makes control better than ever to select from DAB+ digital radio, HDMI, USB video and music including FLAC files, plus with the built-in CD/DVD slot leads to endless audio and visual possibilities.

The new Alpine INE-W970A navigation system is designed for passenger vehicle and motorhome customers that look for a flush-mount installation, rather than a tablet-style system. This unit is an amazing all-in-one solution with built-in iGo Primo navigation using the Naviextras mapping, as well as a CD/DVD drive.

The 6.5-inch touch-screen displays navigation maps, menus, and movies clear and crisp. Enjoy DAB+ digital radio and use authorised apps in your car with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Take advantage of your two USB ports, allowing you to charge your phone and playback music from your USB stick at the same time.


All-In-One Multimedia Solution.

The Alpine INE-W970A is an excellent choice if you look for a navigation and multimedia system with a maximum of media options. You can playback DVDs and CDs, listen to DAB+ digital radio, connect your smartphone to use Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, stream music via Bluetooth, connect external HDMI sources or use USB storage devices to playback music and video files.

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto brings your smartphone apps to life to use functions such as calls, messages and a limitless choice of music which can all be commanded via the 6.5” display or voice control.

Never lose your bearings with the built-in navigation with handy features like nearby help, school zones, 3D landmarks, and built-in safety camera warnings. With its array of entertainment features side-by-side with navigation, the Alpine INE-W970A has everything you would ever need at your finger-tips.

Alpine INE-W970A

Built-In Navigation

The convenience of in-dash navigation is at your fingertips to get you to your destination. With its intuitive user interface, you have a 3D view of the map and you can use your finger to move the map around, plus zoom in and out to get a closer view or see the route ahead. 3D landmarks make orientation a breeze, plus safety camera alerts and school zones further aid your navigation experience.

Furthermore, you can use the ‘help nearby’ selection or POI search to find useful places such as Police stations, petrol stations, and accommodation.

Built-In Navigation To ensure that you are always up-to-date with the latest maps the Alpine  INE-W970A is provided with 1 free map update per year for a period of 3 years.


Alpine INE-W970A Alpine INE-W970A

Apple CarPlay

Android Auto

Apple CarPlay brings your apps to life all through the 6.5” WVGA display. Listen to your favourite music apps such as Spotify or Tidal, plus make calls, get directions with maps, receive messages and see your calendar all while using the display or voice control. The convenience of Android Auto lets you bring the ever-expanding apps into the dash of your car. From either the display or voice command you can make calls, send and receive messages, play music apps or set a destination via Google Maps or Waze.
Alpine INE-W970A Alpine INE-W970A

Siri, OK Google and Voice Control

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

The Alpine INE-W970A features both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto with both offering the functionality to make calls, send and receive messages all through Siri, Okay Google and voice control, allowing you to maintain full focus on the road. With the Alpine INE-W970A, you have an array of audio options through Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. With your smartphone connected, you can enjoy Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music, Podcasts, Google Play Music and much more.
Alpine INE-W970A Alpine INE-W970A

DAB+ Digital Radio

Built-In Bluetooth

DAB+ digital radio provides you with a wider range of stations that you can search by station name.

DAB+ offers clearer sound and improved reception, achieving a noise-free, crystal clear radio listening experience.

The Alpine INE-W970A has built-in Bluetooth enables wireless connection of a mobile phone for the convenience and safety of handsfree phone and audio streaming.

Plus, you can use voice control through the external microphone.


Alpine INE-W970A

Smart Phone Navigation

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto work seamlessly with the included GPS antenna to provide an accurate navigation experience.

With voice control, you can set your destination or use the display to type in a location and begin driving. Plus, voice guidance gives you turn-by-turn instructions to keep you on your designated route.


Alpine INE-W970A Alpine INE-W970A

Split-Screen View

Versatile Music File

The Alpine INE-W970A provides the ultimate one-look display with a convenient split-screen function. This function lets you see the current song playing or radio station all while following your navigation route. The Alpine INE-W970A offers a wide range of audio options including the playback of MP3/WMA/AAC/OGG/APE/MP2 files, as well as FLAC files for high sound quality reproduction with support up to 48kHz sample rates.
Alpine INE-W970A Alpine INE-W970A

Superior Sound Quality

Built-In DVD/CD Player

Alpine gives you sound technologies such as 10 preset EQ modes and MediaXpander HD to restore the sound of compressed media such as MP3 and radio. Plus, Time Correction lets you precisely adjust the sound stage. Experience the very best in sight and sound, the front load disc slot allows you to enjoy your favourite CD’s or play DVD’s with explosive Dolby sound and images delivered with stunning clarity through the 6.5” display.
Alpine INE-W970A

Bluetooth Audio

Dual USB Source

Bluetooth allows you to connect your iPhone or Android smartphone for wireless music streaming. This provides virtually limitless music choices to enhance your in-car experience. The Alpine INE-W970A features dual USB ports that are built-in for more flexibility.

You can, for example, charge your phone on USB port 1, while connecting a USB stick or hard-drive on port 2 to listen to MP3, FLAC, WMA or AAC audio files or view video files in MP4, h246, MKV and AVI files. The USB ports support up to 1.5 Ampere for quick charging speed and external HDD power support.

Furthermore, Apple CarPlay / Android Auto can be connected via one dedicated USB port.

Alpine INE-W970A Alpine INE-W970A

HDMI Connectivity

DUAL Camera Input (RCA)

With the Alpine INE-W970A, you have HDMI connectivity allows for smartphone mirroring via an extensive range of devices, offering audio and video playback in exceptional detail for your viewing pleasure all on the 6.5” WVGA display. The Alpine INE-W970A makes parking and maneuvering in tight spaces so easy, using a front and rear camera system. With the front and rear camera input, you can simply add two RCA cameras which are selectable from the display.


Alpine INE-W970A Features:

  • 6.5” WVGA Resistive Touch Display
  • Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
  • Built-in iGo Navigation
  • GPS Antenna Included
  • 3-Years Free Maps (1 free map update per year)
    • TMC Live Traffic Updates
    • 3D Maps / 3D Landmarks / POI Database
    • School Zones / Safety Camera Alerts
  • USB Audio Playback: (sampling rates supported up to 48kHz)
  • USB Video Playback: (with support of files up to 1080p)
  • Built-In Bluetooth
  • Spotify Internet Radio Ready
  • FM/AM Radio with RDS
  • DAB+ Digital Radio
  • Built-in DVD/CD Player
  • Dolby Digital Audio Compatible (2-ch downmix)
  • GUI Background
    • (Blue, Red, Green, Amber, White)
  •  Key Illumination
    • (Blue, Turquoise, Red, Yellow, Green, Amber, Ice White)
  • Rear AV Output with Remote Out
  • AUX Input with Remote Out
  • 6-Channel Digital Time Correction / Crossover
  • 10 EQ Presets / MediaXpander HD
  • 4 x 50W High Power Amp
  • 3 PreOuts (4 Volts)
  • Steering Wheel Control Ready
  • Wireless IR Remote Control Ready (optional RUE-4350)
  • Dual RCA Camera Input
  • Dual USB Input (1x port for use with Android Auto / Apple CarPlay)
  • HDMI Input
  • 3-Year Warranty* (*Only when installed by an Authorised Alpine Dealer)


Sound Garage, your Authorised Alpine Car Sound Dealer and Installation centre based in North Lakes QLD


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