Alpine PDX-5M Marine 5 Chl Amplifier

The Alpine PDX-5M is Extraordinary in concept, revolutionary in design.

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Alpine PDX-5M

Marine 5 Channel Power Density Digital Amplifier

Marine Audio Amplifier

The Alpine PDX-5M is Extraordinary in concept, revolutionary in design – The Alpine PDX-5M marine amplifier will power your system like never before.

Drawing on Micro-dynamics technology, the Alpine PDX-5M with all it's digital design sets the benchmark in power density and sonic purity in a stylish ultra-compact design. What’s more, this amplifier comply's with the rigorous ATSM G154/D4329 UV and B177 salt/fog standards, so you’re assured of a durable marine sound system.

This Alpine PDX-5M 5-channel system-building amplifier is specially engineered for the Marine environment. The The Alpine PDX-5M still embodies the same compact chassis size as the rest of the PDX lineup, with 90% efficiency at all power levels for precise, powerful sound.

With this one amp, you can connect four speakers and a Subwoofer for outstanding sound quality. The amp provides 75 watts RMS to four channels and an incredible 300 watts RMS to a Subwoofer. You get everything you need to power a complete system with the PDX-5M for loud and clean sound while you are cruising on the open water.



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