Alpine PWD-X5 All-in-one compact Subwoofer, Amplifier and DSP

The award-winning Alpine PWD-X5 packs a subwoofer, amplifier, and Digital Sound Processor (DSP) into a compact, shallow footprint that’s small enough to be mounted under a seat.





Alpine PWD-X5

8" Compact DSP Amplified Subwoofer

Don’t have room for a separate subwoofer and amplifier but want a simple way to enhance your sound system?

This very unique sound system upgrade product includes a high-performance Digital Sound Processor (DSP), a 4-channel amplifier for your front and rear door speakers, as well as an ultra-flat active subwoofer. The small footprint allows the PWD-X5 to be easily installed inside the car’s cabin to enjoy a nice bass upgrade. Connect OEM radios via high-power speaker level inputs or aftermarket radio via RCA inputs, and control the system through the wired remote control and the convenient smartphone app.

This product is perfect for the client that is looking for a big improvement in their car’s sound quality, without installing many different devices and routing cables all across their car. The Alpine PWD-X5 comes with a full wiring kit including high-quality power cables (4.5 meters) with a main fuse

The small footprint allows the Alpine PWD-X5 to be easily installed inside the car’s cabin for a premium bass upgrade.

The Alpine PWD-X5 design is mastered to rapidly improve sound quality and performance without having to install a number of different devices and routing cables all over your vehicle. This all-in-one device is perfect for upgrading your OEM or aftermarket sound system and is an industry first saving time, and space and providing exceptional value.

With so many cars now having custom-fit built-in audio systems, it's sometimes hard to know how to upgrade them - Alpine has the answer with the PDW-X5, an active subwoofer with 4Channel amplification.

This is the easiest and most cost-effective upgrade you can make.

All-in-one sound upgrade

The Alpine PWD-X5 features a Digital Sound Processor (DSP), compact powered subwoofer and a 4-channel amplifier - all in one box. This is perfect for smaller vehicles and customers who do not want to install many different devices in their car. The built-in amplifier delivers 4 x 50 Watts for the speaker channels and 240 Watts for the built-in subwoofer (peak power). Installation brackets and a wiring kit are included in the set.

Compact installation

The very compact measurement of only 350mm length x 245mm width x 80mm height allows the Alpine PWD-X5 to be installed under the front seats of many vehicles. It can be also easily installed in the trunk of hatchback or coupe cars. The total weight of the product is just above 5kg.

Extensive sound tuning functions

Use the built-in 10-band Parametric EQ, digital time correction and digital crossover to tune the sound of your vehicle. You can do the main setup by connecting a PC using the free Alpine software or via the included wired controller. There is also a smartphone app that allows users to switch between pre-sets on the go and adjust subwoofer and volume levels.

Wide Connectivity Options

You can connect the PWD-X5 to an aftermarket radio using RCA inputs. If you have an original radio in your car that has nor RCA connections, you can connect it to the DSP amplifier using the high-power inputs


Wired Remote Control

The PWD-X5 includes a remote control unit that can be connected with the DSP amplifier by USB. Use the rotary encoder to select pre-sets, input sources, sound settings and more.

Bluetooth Audio Streaming

If your original car stereo does not feature Bluetooth audio streaming, the PWD-X5 is a perfect solution. The included Bluetooth dongle can be plugged via USB so you can stream music from your smartphone to the PWD-X5.


Smartphone Tuning App

The PWD-X5 is compatible with the Alpine Companion App available from the Google Play and Apple App Store. The app delivers convenient sound tuning options such as master volume, subwoofer level and much more.

This industry-first, all-in-one solution saves time, space, and money.

  • 25W x 4 + 165W RMS
  • 50W x 4 + 240W Peak
  • 4 RCA/Speaker Level Inputs
  • 10-Band Parametric EQ
  • Digital Time Correction
  • Bluetooth Audio Streaming with Included External Module
  • Remote Controller Included
  • iOS, Android, and Desktop PC Tuning Software
  • 2019 CES Innovation Awards Winner

Sound Garage, your trusted Digital Sound Processor Specialist in the heart of North Lakes.

PWD-X5 - Features

  • Free PC Sound Tuning Software
  • iOS, Android, and Desktop PC Tuning Software
  • Bluetooth Audio Streaming with Included External Module
  • Remote Controller Included
  • Digital Time Correction
  • 2019 CES Innovation Awards Winner

Alpine PWD-X5 - Specifications

  • RMS
    • 25W x 4 + 165W
  • Peak power
    • 50W x 4 + 240W
  • 4 RCA/Speaker Level Inputs
  • 10-Band Parametric EQ
  • Signal-to-noise ratio
    • ≥80dB
  • Bass boost
    • -12dB~+12dB
  • Frequency response
    • 20Hz~20KHz
  • Input impedance
    • Low-level input: 20KΩ
  • Input impedance
    • High-level input: 100Ω
  • Phase selection
    • 0°/180°
  • Remote ON
    • DC high-level /REM input activation
  • Storage temperature
    • -40~85°C
  • Power source
    • DC 14.4V (9V~16V) negative ground
  • Activate REM input
    • High-level activation (H1+/H3+)
  • Activate REM output
    • +12V activation output (0.5A)
  • Stand-by current
    • 750mA
  • Signal Type
    • 4-channel high-level
  • Signal Type
    • 4-channel low-level
  • 4-channel amplifier output (4Ω 50W x 4)
  • Master volume
    • 0~35
  • Subwoofer volume
    • 0~15
  • PreSets
    • 15 PreSets Selectable
  • Dimensions (mm)
    • 350 L x 245 W x 80 H
  • Weight
    • 5.35kg


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