Alpine R-SB12V


Alpine R-SB12V

R-Series 12″ Halo Subwoofer

with ProLink™

A subwoofer enclosure that sounds as good as it looks. Alpine’s preloaded, linkable subwoofer enclosures give you powerful performance with the unique Alpine Halo design and ProLink. R-Series subwoofers take bass performance to extreme levels, delivering thunderous, ground-pounding bass. Audiophiles are satisfied too, R-Series subwoofers are highly accurate, making them perfectly matched to R-Series amplifiers and R-Series speakers to build an entire full-range Hi-RES Audio certified system and an overall cohesive theme.

Optimal Sound Performance

The R-SB12V delivers incredible low-down, ground-pounding bass for the ultimate sound experience. The USA designed enclosure features an optimised vent and rounded internal port edges that maximises output performance of the subwoofer. The result is a higher total sound output for deep, powerful and accurate bass coupled with R-Series renowned reliability and endurance.

Built to Perform

Without compromise the R-SB12V is built from high-quality construction materials to achieve a custom look, without the custom work. Made from 3/4-inch medium density fibreboard (MDF) with internal edge bracing, the R-SB12V is sturdy and rugged, yet stylish with a premium black carpet covering and brushed aluminium finish on the metallic front baffle.


Tuned for R-Series

The R-SB12V includes a preloaded R-Series R-W12D4 12-inch subwoofer that’s tuned to 35Hz for optimised performance with Alpine R-Series sound system speakers and amplifiers. Dual 4Ω voice coils are wired in parallel for a 2Ω load that’s compatible with the R-Series R-A75M Mono Power Amplifier. Gold-plated binding post terminals allow for speaker wire, ring terminal, or quick disconnect banana plug connections.  

Stand Out In the Crowd

The Alpine Halo platform modernises the look and feel of any vehicle. Drawing inspiration from the sleek, tapered lines and silver accent of the Alpine Halo Display, the R-SB12V shares the same design cues, with a curved silver trim and a metallic front baffle. The R-SB12V offers not only premium sound performance, but also elevates the interior of the vehicle for a subwoofer you can be proud to show off.


KTX-H12 Linking Kit 

ProLink™ is unique to Alpine and allows you to link two R-SB12V enclosures together using an optional KTX-H12 Linking Kit (sold separately) to create a dual subwoofer-enclosure. Now you have the flexibility in power and price to use a single subwoofer or add another subwoofer immediately if more bass is desired, or gives you the capability to upgrade your bass later-on.


Unique ProLink™ Design 

When you’re looking to make a noticeable impact in your sound system, you add a subwoofer that will bring out the low-end bas of your music. But what if you already have a single subwoofer and still crave more bass? You could throw out your single enclosure and purchase a new dual enclosure or you can build your bass with Alpine’s new ProLink™ technology.


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