Gator PTS400FR Front Sensors

Front Parking Assist System

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Gator PTS400FR

Front Parking Assist System

This product is a 4 sensor system for front bumper protection, they can also work as 2 sensor systems. Combined with functions such as automatic audio mute, self-test and learning function, you can enjoy a convenient and easy parking experience.

Gator PTS400FR - Specifications:

  • 4 front sensor system with audible buzzer alert
  • Can be used as 2 sensor system
  • Can be upgraded to display (optional)
  • Designed for front bumper protection
  • Metal ECU case assures no interference with vehicle electronic system
  • Can be added to vehicles with existing rear parking system
  • Accurate detection even in heavy rain
  • Self test function
  • Detachable sensor with insulated cable and water resistant connector
  • All weather design (-40C ~ +85C)
  • Input voltage: 9~16V DC
  • Operating current: <250mA
  • Sensor installation height: 45~60cm
  • Detection range: 0.3m/1.0ft~0.9m/2.9ft
  • Buzzer SPL: 70~90dB

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