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16GB Dash Cam

High quality image sensor for night time quality as well as daytime

• 1CH – FHD 1920×1080@60Frame
• 2.9M SONY STARVIS Images Sensor(IMX291)
• Dual Core A7-V3 CPU embedded
• 142 degrees wide viewing angle
• Built-in voltage control(uninterrupted power) : prevent battery discharge
• Wi-Fi function
• Format Free (Auto recovery system)
• 34 kind of voice guidance and high quality voice recording


SONY Exmor R [IMX291] STARVIS Image Sensor


STARVIS, Sony’s best image sensor Part of the newest Sony Exmor range; supporting high-definition images up to 120 Frames, 2.9Mp; Focused on exceptional night recording.
Sony Starvis offers superior brightness, visibility and vivid colour. It’s optimized to record high-definition footage.

Not comparable FHD, 60FPS Recording Seamless, Super vivid driving video

60fps . Bitrate:12Mbps . FHD

IROAD recording technology with Sony STARVUS image sensor is records at 60 frames recording (60 photos/s). In addition, This technology supports sharp images especially when high-speed driving.



Format Free

IROAD A9 adopted format free technology and manipulation prevention technology
Stable, all new concept file format Saved recordings auto recovery function
JDR format, the next generation format system after AVI and MP4 format, is applied to improve the security of saved data.
Recordings are automatically saved in a main memory unit and it is much safer than previously used format
JDR format does not require deleting the whole files in a memory card regularly, whereas other existing in-car cameras do require it.
Automatic rebooting function which IROAD A9 provides guarantees the safety of the device and its saved data
Keep saved data safe with automatic recovery function.
Damaged files or even mistakenly deleted files are automatically recovered once a SD memory card is reinserted into the camera.
JDR format recordings can be played via PC dedicated viewer and Smartphone. (unable to run on normal media players). JDR files can be converted into AVI format from the viewer and Smartphone application

Easy Wi-Fi Connectivity

Wi-Fi is automatically connected after running IROAD application and regularly checks whether it is updated with the latest version.



Wi-Fi is automatically connected after running IROAD application and regularly check whether it is updated with the latest version. Users are able to watch live recording. Date, time, voltage and travelling speed and GPS info are all shown on the bottom of the screen. Recordings can be played using smartphone. The recordings saved in the smartphone can be simply uploaded to Youtube and more. On the settings in the mobile application, users can adjust the following : Resolution, frame, recording mode, sensor sensitivity, time and date, memory capacity allocation and voltage control(uninterrupted power/low voltage cut-off)


Powerful CPU

Providing outstanding stability of FHD images

Improved Full HD recording with reliability and performance with a powerful CPU

High-end quality hardware specs are essential to run high resolution, high frame recordings
Cortex-A7 V3 CPU embedded in IROAD A9 provides superb stability and optimal performance






Battery discharge prevention function

Low voltage cut-off function(uninterrupted power) is embedded


For the purpose of battery protection, IROAD A9 automatically detects and cuts off voltage when the voltage drops below certain point. Once initiated, recording is stopped and power is turned off. The motion detection function is effective for saving battery.


IROAD A9 has a curvature design with simple, black high-glossy texture.
There is also a leather-liked texture to achieve the overall glossy and matte look.

Using a leather-covered texture front panel has added luxury to the front camera.

Various recording modes - Normal, event and parking 

Normal (driving) recording Impact (Event) recording
When the car engine is started, the device is automatically turned on and starts recording on driving mode. During parking or driving, when a motion is detected within the vehicle, it will automatically start an event recording.

24 Hour recording while Parking
(Motion detection)

Safe parking to support the recording mode to protect the vehicle, even when parked.

The A9 can easily determine when entering parking mode in order to switch the recording modes more accurately.

The A9 automatically detects movement before any motion. It will automatically record the motions and you can manage the recordings in the memory card storage.

After entering the parking mode, if some events happen, there will be voice guidance.

“An event occurred during parking.”

A Wide viewing angle

142 degrees optimal viewing angle, watch distortion-free images

IROAD A9 incorporates a 142-degree viewing angle, recording in stunning Full HD.

The A9 provides optimal wide ratio to record left/right distortion-free footage and its wide viewing angle enables it to record wider to the left and the right.

Able to control when to stop recording, automatic rebooting function Voice guidance and high quality voice recording Accurate speed and location information provided with GPS
When you set a certain time for rebooting, video recording will be stopped for the time being and the camera will be rebooted. Automatically checks the memory card error during reboot time and organize data storage.

Can be set via the IROAD application and the PC viewer.

34 kinds of voice guidance Voice guidance will inform you each time something changes. The high quality microphone is embedded in the device and it is useful as evidence for an accident. Synched with Google Maps, External GPS keeps track of travelling speed and location of a moving vehicle and records the information.
All glass lens, Strong temperature durable Safer with security LED light Saved recordings auto recovery function
The lens of the camera used is covered with glass and is designed to endure low and high temperatures.
Optimal image is ensured by ALL glass covered lens which endures both low and high temperature.
Front security LED adds more luxury to your car by having blinking.

The LED can protect your car from getting damaged by other people as it will appear to them that the camera is in recording mode.

Security LED can be turned on/off in Smartphone app and pc viewer.

Keep saved data safe with automatic recovery function
Damaged files or even mistakenly deleted files are automatically recovered once a SD memory card is reinserted onto the camera.
JDR format recordings can be played via PC dedicated viewer and Smartphone.(unable to run on normal media players). JDR files can be converted into AVI format from the viewer and Smartphone application

About the device

IROAD A9 Specifications

Resolution/Frame/Angle 1CH – Full HD 1920x1080p / 60Frame / 142 degrees
CPU Cortex-A7 MPCP V3
Image Sensor SONY Exmor R STARVIS CMOS Images Sensor (IMX291)
Wi-Fi Wi-Fi supported – Dongle Type : Smartphone playback and settings, firmware auto-update
Constant power(low voltage cut-off) Cut-off and booting voltage settings(Constant power)
Audio Speaker (effect sound for informing operational status and 34 kinds of voice guidance voice guidance supported), Microphone embedded
Video/Audio compression H.264/ADPCM
Impact Sensor Acceleration 3-axis Sensor (Recorded by an external impact)
GPS External GPS Antenna (In conjunction with Google Maps to check the location and speed)
Storage Medium Micro SD 4GB ~ 64GB (recommended type MLC Class10)
Recording Modes Normal(driving)mode, Event(impact)mode, Parking(Motion Detection) mode, Voice recording
Power DC 12V~24V
Temperature, Humidity Operating Temperature : -30~-80, Storage Temperature : -30~-90, Humidity : 10~95%
PC viewer IROAD Wi-Fi Dedicated Viewer : Window XP, VISTA, Win7, Win8(32Bit~64Bit) & MAC


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