JL Audio C7-100ct 1-inch (25 mm) Tweeter

1-inch (25 mm) Corundum Ceramic-Coated, Aluminum Dome Component Tweeter.

SKU: C7-100CT



JL Audio C7-100ct

1-inch (25 mm) Tweeter 100 Watts RMS

Note: Sold Separately

C7 is the pinnacle of JL Audio automotive loudspeaker design, benefiting from our most advanced development tools and a complete commitment to precision manufacturing.

The JL Audio C7-100ct component tweeter is designed to deliver unparalleled high-frequency performance. Utilizing a corundum ceramic-coated aluminium alloy diaphragm suspended via treated silk, s-roll surround, it provides spectacularly detailed reproduction of treble frequencies with an outstanding off-axis response. Distortion and non-linearities have been minimized through critical optimization of dynamic motor and suspension behaviours.

Passive crossover networks are not included with C7 drivers, as they are designed for active systems. Instead, we recommend a high-quality tuning DSP, such as the JL Audio TwK™ 88 or D8, and a dedicated amplifier channel for each C7 loudspeaker in the system. Precise setup of equalization, delay and crossover filters will ensure optimal in-vehicle performance.

JL Audio C7-100ct Design Notes:
Dome Diaphragm: Corundum ceramic-coated aluminium alloy diaphragm exhibits high stiffness, very low mass and excellent environmental stability. It also helps the tweeter dome to hold its shape and operate as a true piston at higher frequencies, without a penalty in moving mass.

Suspension Design: The diaphragm’s motion is centred, sprung and damped by treated silk, s-roll surround. Ferrofluid in the magnetic gap acts as a rear suspension element in this design. The two combine to provide optimum damping without unduly restricting excursion.

Motor Design:

The JL Audio C7-100ct employs a high-density magnetic circuit with a neodymium magnet and U-Yoke motor topology. An under-hung voice coil is employed, wound with copper-clad aluminium wire onto an aluminium voice coil former. Motor magnetics have been precisely optimized utilizing advanced FEA tools to lower even-order distortion and IMD/AMD.

Acoustical Design:

The shape of the tweeter housing is designed to boost sensitivity in a very specific bandwidth, helping to flatten the frequency response. It also provides improved control of directivity.

  • Design Bandwidth:
    • With 48 dB/octave filters: 3,000 Hz – 30,000 Hz
    • With 24 dB/octave filters: 4,000 Hz – 30,000 Hz
    • With 12 dB/octave filters: 5,000 Hz – 30,000 Hz

Note: Sold individually, with flush and surface mounting fixtures and hardware. One 15μF tweeter protection capacitor is also included.

The performance of every C7 driver is tested and verified, then assigned a unique serial number. Register your C7 loudspeaker online to receive a copy of its specific Acoustical Test Report.

Dynamic Motor Analysis - DMA Optimized Motor

JL Audio's proprietary Dynamic Motor Analysis system is a powerful suite of FEA-based modeling systems, first developed by JL Audio in 1997 and refined over the years to scientifically address the issue of speaker motor linearity. This leads to vastly reduced distortion and faithfully reproduced transients... or put simply: tight, clean, articulate bass.

Detailed Information:
Since 1997, JL Audio has been at the forefront of Finite Element Analysis-based modeling of loudspeaker motors and suspensions. This research is aimed at decoding what we refer to as the "Loudspeaker Genome"... a project aimed at understanding the true behavior of loudspeakers under power and in motion. A major component of this integrated system is DMA (Dynamic Motor Analysis). Starting with the 15W3 and the W7 Subwoofers in the late 1990's and early 2000's, DMA has played an important role in the design of all JL Audio woofers sold today, including our component woofers.

DMA is a Finite Element Analysis (FEA)-based system, meaning that it takes a large, complex problem, breaks it down into small solution elements for analysis and then assembles the data to form an accurate, "big-picture" solution. DMA's breakthrough is that it actually considers the effects of power through the coil as well as coil/cone position within the framework of a time-domain analysis. This gives us a highly accurate model of a speaker's actual behavior under real power, something that the traditional Thiele-Small models or other low power measurements cannot do. Because DMA does not rely on a steady-state model, it is able to consider shifts in the circuit elements being analyzed. These modeling routines are intense, requiring hours to run for a whole speaker.

DMA is able to analyze the real effects of fluctuating power and excursion upon the magnetic circuit of the motor, specifically the dynamic variations of the "fixed" magnetic field. This delivers intensely valuable information compared to traditional modeling, which assumes that the "fixed" field produced in the air gap by the magnet and the motor plates is unchanging. DMA not only shows that this "fixed" field changes in reaction to the magnetic field created by current flowing through the voice coil, but it helps our engineers arrive at motor solutions that minimize this instability. Analyzing this behavior is critical to understanding the distortion mechanisms of a speaker motor and sheds light on the aspects of motor design that determine truly linear behavior:

  1. Linear motor force over the speaker's operational excursion range
  2. Consistent motor force with both positive and negative current through the coil
  3. Consistent motor force at varying applied power levels

Our ability to fully analyze these aspects of motor behaviour allows our transducer engineers to make critical adjustments to motor designs that result in extremely linear, highly stable dynamic loudspeaker motor systems.

The payoff is reduced distortion, improved transient performance and stellar sound quality.

Elevated Frame Cooling

JL Audio's patented Elevated Frame Cooling design delivers cool air through slots directly above the top plate to the voice coil of the speaker. This not only enhances power handling but also sound quality by minimizing dynamic parameter shifts and power compression.

Detailed Information:
Many speakers employ venting techniques to enhance voice coil cooling. This is typically accomplished by having big holes in the sides of the frame just below the spider attachment shelf. While it provides a modest cooling benefit, this low-velocity air-flow does not blow directly or strongly on the voice coil.

Our patented design improves upon this cooling technique in a number of ways. By elevating the frame above the top-plate of the motor (via stand-offs integrated into the bottom of the frame) a narrow, high-velocity air-path is created between the bottom surface of the frame and the top surface of the top-plate. This air path leads directly to the voice coil and then turns upward into the spider air cavity. By utilizing the pumping action of the spider through this focused air path, a large volume of cool air hits the coil windings directly.

Another important benefit is that the upper surface of the top plate (one of the speaker's hottest parts) is directly exposed to cooling airflow, whereas on a conventional design it is isolated from the airflow by the lower flange of the frame. The elevated frame technology greatly increases thermal power handling, reduces compression effects and does so without any additional parts.

  • Continuous Power Handling (RMS)
    • 100 W
  • Recommended Amplifier Power (RMS)
    • 50 - 150 W / Ch.
  • Nominal Impedance -
    • 4 Ω
  • Frequency Response -
    • 3 kHz - 30 KHz ± 3 dB
  • Voice Coil Resistance (Re)
    • 3.20 Ω
  • Free Air Resonance (Fs)
    • 1450 Hz
  • Reference Efficiency (no)
    • 0.267%
  • Efficiency -
    • 86.5 dB @ 1W / 1m 92.5 dB @ 1W / 0.5m
  • Sensitivity - 89.5 dB @ 2.83V / 1m


  • Flush Mount Fixture Diameter (A1)2.13 in / 54 mm
  • Surface Mount Fixture Diameter (A2)2.16 in / 55 mm
  • Flush Mount Mounting Hole Diameter (B)1.88 in / 48 mm
  • Flush Mount Mounting Depth (C)0.73 in / 19 mm
  • Flush Mount Tweeter Frontal Protrusion (D1)0.33 in / 8 mm
  • Surface Mount Tweeter Frontal Protrusion (D2)1.06 in / 27 mm


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