Stinger Roadkill RHU8 Ultimate Universal Kit - Acoustic Treatment

Give your vehicle the ULTIMATE option for sound damping with Stinger Roadkill ULTIMATE





Stinger Roadkill RHU8

Ultimate Universal Kit

Improve your speaker bass response and overall sound performance.

Most vehicles come equipped with speakers but let’s face it, it's not the best environment for high-quality sound.

As your listening to your favourite tunes, the thin metal in the door or speaker cavity vibrates as your music plays, and the louder your music is, the more rattle you’ll hear.

The Power Of Expert And OVERKILL

RoadKill Ultimate combines the benefits of our Expert aluminum/butyl material and Roadkill Overkill acoustic foam to create the Ultimate noise killer.

Save time on installation by using the one product that does what normally you would require Stinger Roadkill Expert AND OVERKILL.

Stinger Roadkill ‘Mass Loads’ these panels to give a more solid surface for better bass response and improved speaker output.

Even factory speakers can improve amazingly from Stinger Roadkill!

A Safer Ride And Less Road Noise

Not only does it improve your speaker performance, Stinger Roadkill also makes a massive difference to your vehicle road noise when applied to the vehicle floor area.

Less road noise means less cabin noise so less shouting on your Bluetooth phone calls and less driver fatigue from the loud low noise frequencies from the road.

Improve Your Vehicle Interior Temperature

Setting Roadkill apart from the competition is the amazing thermal properties of the material itself.

Designed to be used between -60deg F to 300deg F, Stinger Roadkill helps reduce the heat and cold as it passes through the vehicle's panels.

The result is a cooler interior cabin in summer and a warmer interior cabin with less thrashing of your vehicle's air-conditioning or heater much like insulation in your own house.

It also works great on firewalls to reduce high temperatures coming into the vehicle from the exhaust and high engine bay temperatures.

The best part of all, Stinger Roadkill is odorless and non-toxic so no horrible smells when its applied in your vehicle like other cheap sound damping materials.

Easy To Install

Stinger Roadkill is easier to install than you would think. Designed to be installed on cold-rolled steel (CRS) panels, galvanised steel, e-coat & clear coated panels,

Clean the surface with wax and grease remover or methylated spirits, let it dry or flash off, then cut the roadkill sheets to size.

With its self-adhesive ability, just press the material down, and with our Stinger Roadkill roller pack, roll the material into the panel.

What Do You Get?

Each Stinger Roadkill Ultimate Universal Kit (RKU8) Includes:

  • Sheet Count
    • 2 Sheets of RoadKill Ultimate
  • Coverage
    • Total coverage of 8sq feet (18″ x 32″ each sheet)

Sound Garage, your Authorised Stinger Roadkill stockist and installation center.


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