Stinger Si9217 - 9000

Premium RCA Cables for the Audiophile.

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Stinger Si9217 - 9000 Series

2 Channel Audiophile 5 mtr RCA Lead

The Audiophile choice!

The Stinger 9000 Series Interconnects offer pure audio signal transfer with detail and impact. The Audiophile choice!

Stinger Si9217 - Features:

  • Rhodium plated machined copper RCA ends provide a superior electrical connection
  • 2 Channel 17 Ft ( 5 Meter Length)
  • B.O.D.A technology balanced optimized dual alloy construction
  • Pure silver conductors for full midrange & crystal clear highs
  • Ultra ofc long grain copper conductors for tighter, deeper bass
  • C3 (continuous connection construction) for ultimate signal transfer & reliability
  • 5-layer signal protection to keep music in and noise out
  • Includes Stinger Wire Management block
  • Oversized OFC conductors provide excellent sound quality
  • Continuous connection construction (C3 Tech) provides unmatched signal transfer
  • Mylar shielding for increased noise rejection
  • Split-tip machined metal connector allows better signal transfer
  • Twisted pair winding patterns improve clarity and broaden dynamic range
  • Black mesh protective jacket looks great and minimises friction for easy install
  • Split-tip connector allows better signal transfer
  • Compact connector design for easy installation
  • Triple braided shielding construction for increased noise rejection
  • Moulded strain reliefs for extra durability
  • Mono cable design with undersized stopper
  • Directional twisted-pair construction provides protection against interference
  • 3 conductors per channel for a total of 6 conductors (2 Channels)


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