Sound Garage - Appointed as an Authorised Thinkware Dash Cam Dealer

November 4, 2017


The team at Sound Garage are proud to be appointed as a Thinkware Dash Cam Specialist and Installation Centre.

Thinkware Dash Cams

At THINKWARE, they seek answers to challenges and deliver them with innovation. As a leading provider of location-based services and innovative Smart Car Information technologies since 1997, THINKWARE has gained a strong foothold in Korea as the preferred choice of local consumers. Developing automotive devices such as GPS navigation systems and dashboard cameras for drivers, THINKWARE continues to grow and advance in our smart platform services. THINKWARE’s trademark technologies have also attained significant recognition in the robust education market through our Android educational tablets.
Today, Thinkware move forward to go beyond Korea in providing their products and services and become a global expert in IT total services and solutions, bringing our proven know-how to over 800 cities worldwide including Brisbane, London, New York, and Toronto, Sydney and Singapore. Putting their customers first, THINKWARE is committed to improving lives everywhere by bringing satisfaction and convenience through Life Enhancing Innovations.


Dash cams are surveillance video cameras mounted in cars. In recent years dash cams have gained massive popularity for their importance in providing video evidence of traffic accidents. However, dash cams can be more than just a recording device of traffic incidents, but also a companion to capture and share your adventures on the road. From stressful traffic incidents to beautiful road trips, DASH CAMs can be the most dependable car companion that records all your driving scenarios.

THINKWARE has established a wide distribution network in the North American market, covering major cities in the Americas and Canada. THINKWARE DASH CAM™ is now a leading brand in the global dash cam market across continents. Thinkware are committed to providing reliable, award-winning products through our innovative technologies while assuring quality post-purchase support with a strong customer-oriented mindset.

Experience their high-performance dash cams. Replay your driving memories with THINKWARE DASH CAM™

Who Needs a Dash Cam Recorder?

Imagine you’ve been at work all day and return to your vehicle to find that someone has run into it and caused some serious damage… and unfortunately in this case there is no note, not even an apology.

What do you do? Your only choice is to claim it on your insurance and pay the excess.

dash cams australia


Now imagine the same scenario with your vehicle installed with a Thinkware Dash Cam recorder that automatically senses the impact and records the incident, capturing the offender in the act and recording their registration number.

This time when you make your claim and file the incident to the police you have all the proof you may need to not only claim the damage with their insurer, but also have them finned for leaving the scene of an accident.

Now this seems a much fairer situation doesn’t it?

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Sound Garage, your Dash Cam Specialist, Stockist and Installation Centre in the heart of North Lakes.

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