Types Of Car Speakers: Components Vs Coaxial

September 27, 2022

When selecting new speakers for your car, it’s paramount that you understand which type will work best for your needs. Depending on your audio priorities, you could be stuck between choosing component or coaxial speakers.

Both provide your vehicle with good-quality sound but perform better in certain areas, so it helps to know the benefits of each speaker type. With this in mind, here are three significant factors for you to be aware of when you select your car speakers.

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1. Sound Quality

The most important determining factor when putting together your car’s sound system is usually the quality of the sound itself. When driving along the highway with your music playing, you want to be able to experience it at its best. You might not notice the difference most of the time, but even small improvements can boost your vehicle’s atmosphere on those late-night drives.

The usual quality difference between high-end coaxial and high-end component speakers is small but often noticeable, with component speakers often giving a cleaner sound due to its independent parts having better crossover. The parts also boast a greater RMS (root-mean-square) power rating, alongside stronger materials for the tweeter – and the ability to mount woofers and tweeters separately.

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2. Flexibility and Ease of Use

Your speakers are a big part of your vehicle and how you’re able to enjoy every journey you take; this means a convenient solution can sometimes be the best for you. Coaxial speakers in particular are easy to install due to serving as a direct upgrade or replacement of the vehicle’s factory speakers, allowing you to quickly and easily add them to the car.

Component speakers have to mount everything separately due to their compartmentalised nature, but coaxial speakers manage to have a full 2-way system in just a single assembly. This is what makes them easy to install, and the time and effort saved on this also help coaxial speakers maintain a lower price point.

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3. Cost

Balancing cost and quality is paramount for any purchase, especially with something long-term such as vehicle speakers. Component speakers are often more expensive than their coaxial counterparts, but many see this as a worthwhile investment for the better quality they provide. This comes down to the buyer’s budget, and even personal priorities, as they might consider the cost a more important factor.

Not everybody has the budget to rigorously pursue the crispest sound quality available, but this luckily doesn’t mean missing out on quality audio, as coaxial speakers still offer much better sound than a car’s usual internal speaker. High-quality tweeters may help to mitigate the quality difference whilst maintaining a low cost; some coaxial speakers use titanium or carbon fibre to achieve this.

There is not necessarily a correct answer about whether coaxial or component speakers are the best; much of it is up to a buyer’s own preferences and priorities. At Sound Garage Queensland, we have a wide range of car speakers, both component and coaxial, depending on your needs. If you want to figure out which type is best for you, contact us and book a consultation today.

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  1. This post was really informative! I had no idea about the differences between components and coaxial speakers. I'm planning to upgrade my car's sound system and this info will definitely help me make a better decision. Thanks for sharing!