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Upgrading your car audio system is something that can be approached from many different angles depending on what it is that you wish to achieve. Whether you want people to hear you coming from three blocks away or simply want to enjoy Hi-Fidelity stereo sound in your vehicle, the team at Sound Garage can design and install a system to suit your vehicle and budget.

Factory System Upgrade

Most modern vehicles feature heavily integrated car audio systems that, due to the integration of other vehicle functions like climate control are often difficult to replace. Don’t despair though as we have a range of specialist solutions and techniques to extract perfect sound from your factory fitted source unit. There is an extensive range of digital sound processors, amplifiers and speakers all designed with factory integration in mind.

The team at Sound Garage have the expertise and specialist tools to ensure your equipment performs at its peak with installation techniques and products that can correct many of the acoustic anomalies associated with ‘budget-focused’ factory equipment.

Sound deadening your doors, boot and just about any other panels for instance will improve the sound of your speakers and will aid in the reduction road noise and heat transmission plus products like SASK or the new Stinger IPBU65 acoustic baffles can optimise your speakers performance.

If you don’t see what you want on our web page, please contact us direct in store as our product range is extensive and not every model is listed on-line just yet.

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