Parking Sensors

Parking Sensors
Parking sensors are installed into the rear bumper bar of your vehicle, they can be colour matched to blend in with the exterior. Chrome and rubber mounted sensors are also available if your vehicle has metal bumper bars. Parking sensors work from a range of 3 meters to 0.3, which provides ample warning of vehicles and smaller obstacles hidden in the blind spot behind your vehicle.

Mongoose MPR-SD

Parking sensors work in conjunction with an internal siren, (hidden from view) that increases in frequency as you approach the object. Typical parking sensors have either two or four sensors, a control interface and an internal siren for audible warning. More advanced systems combine visual displays, integrate into factory screens and are also available for the front of your vehicle for total perimeter coverage.

Sound Garage carry a range of parking sensors to suit a variety of vehicles and applications, come in and talk to the team for the best solution for your vehicle.

Gator PTS400FR Front Sensors
Mongoose MPR-R - Rubber Rear Parking Sensors
Mongoose MPR-SD - Rear Parking Sensors (with Display)