Uniden Australia Pty Limited is part of the Uniden Corporation of Japan, operating globally in America, Europe, Asia and the South Pacific. Since its establishment in 1966, Uniden has grown to be a global leader in wireless communications and a major global brand in consumer electronics. Uniden Australia Pty Limited looks after both the Australian and New Zealand Market.

With over two million wireless products produced every month and a cordless phone manufactured every 3.2 seconds, Uniden continues to bring outstanding products to people’s homes throughout the world. With quality and innovation at the forefront of its activities, the company has developed to be a world leader in production efficiency and zero defects so that Uniden can offer the best products possible.

Uniden AT885BKTWIN
Uniden UH9060 Platinum Series 80 chl UHF
Uniden AT970BKTWIN Pack UHF Aerials (6.6/3dbi)
Uniden MGU-01
Uniden MBU-05BK
Uniden XTRAK 50 PRO 5watt Hand Held UHF radio
Uniden UH5030 UHF RADIO
Uniden UH5060-OR UHF Pack
Uniden AT480 UHF Antenna – Flexible Whip with Black Heat Shrink including “Z” Type Mounting Bracket (6.0 dBi Gain)
Uniden AT886BK-TWIN 6.6dbi uhf aerial-kit
Uniden AT890BK – BLACK Fibreglass Raydome UHF Antenna
Uniden MMI-01
UNIDEN XTRAK 80 Pro 4×4 UHF Pack
Uniden XTRAK 80 Pro Ultimate Pack
UNIDEN X66 UHF Adventure Pack
Uniden XTRAK 50-O - 5-watt Hand Held UHF Radio
Uniden ATX970 Twin Heavy Duty Fibreglass Raydome Dual Removable Whip Pack – BLACK (6.6/3.0 dBi Gain)
Uniden XTRAK 80 UHF Adventure Pack
Uniden XTRAK 50-2TP Hand Held UHF pack