The ability to share information is fundamental to mankind’s evolution, therefore when one considers the isolation and geography of Australia, it is clear why radio communications have played such an important role in the development of the nation’s infrastructure.

For over 30 years the Australian rural community has enjoyed the benefits of GME’s radio communications. In the 1980s their range of 477 MHz radios was instrumental in changing the face of farm communications, improving productivity and safety. Today GME telemetry and data radio equipment is introducing new levels of efficiency in farming, viticulture and many associated rural activities.

In the 1990s the GME TX4000 series of mobile radios revolutionised the Australian UHF radio market.

By offering a unique feature set, including totally integrated multichannel selcall facilities, remote mounting capability and unprecedented aesthetics married with tough, durable mechanics, the TX4000 family became the standard by which all other radios were measured.

Around Australia, customers like State Emergency, Ambulance and Police Services, Highway Patrols and the Rural Fire Brigades, are all well aware of the reliability and service that are the hallmark of Standard Communications and GME products.

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