CODE SAFE is the most reliable and affordable solution for vehicle security in cars, bobcats, excavators, tractors or any 12v engine.

CODE SAFE – Australian Standard Approved Engine Immobiliser technology.

  1. A system that makes the disconnection to the transponder dysfunctional.
  2. A system that physically prevents access to the existing immobiliser in all newer vehicles.

Newer vehicles have become the newer targets for young juvenile thieves. They are breaking into our homes and stealing keys.

CODE SAFE keypad engine immobilisers are the only anti-theft device in our market today that stop the thief from taking your vehicles even if they have the key or key fob. CODE SAFE is user-friendly and gives you peace of mind when leaving your vehicles unattended.

Keypad engine immobilisers are an affordable option for vehicles without inbuilt immobilisers. CODE SAFE is a reliable security system that is NOW available for installation.

Code Safe Vehicle Keypad Immobiliser