4. Reverse Cameras

Reverse Camera

Who really needs a reverse camera?

Everyone could benefit from the installation of a reverse camera and they aren’t just for large vehicles or 4WD’S. Most modern vehicles suffer from poor rear visibility, with some having blind zones in excess of 10 metres.

Reverse cameras are great for safety, convenience and extra peace of mind. Small children, animals and obstacles are easily obscured from view when behind even the smallest of vehicles and the addition of a reverse camera will drastically improve rear vision.

Matching a quality camera with an aftermarket, vehicle specific screen or factory fitted GPS navigation unit is possible and makes for a seamless installation. It is important to select quality components to ensure accuracy and performance in even the most difficult conditions like rain and darkness.

Alpine KCX-C2600B
Aerpro APVTY04
Aerpro G157V Navara
Gator G169V Renault
Alpine HCE-C1100
Alpine HCE-C1100D
Alpine HCE-C205RD
Alpine HCE-C2100RD
Alpine KCX-C250MC
AXIS C4D - Reverse Camera
Chipatronic CH-DCBL-AHD
Chipatronic CH-DCBL-NTSC
Chipatronic CH-HPC1MB
DNA RV70PK Camera Pack
Echomaster CA-FLTR
Echomaster PCAM-110-N
Echomaster PCAM-201-N
Gator G111VS Mercedes
Gator G154V Amarok
Gator G164V Mercedes
Gator G165V Peugeot
Gator G167V Renault
Gator G178V Volkswagen
Gator G22V Ranger
Gator G35VSN Kluger
GATOR G43V (Mazda BT50)
Echomaster PCAM-IZ01
Mongoose MC3
Mongoose MC3G
Mongoose MCK712
Mongoose MC3NV with IR
Toyota Trailer Kit