For those who value substance and great audio performance… C1 is the real deal at a very sweet price!

The JL Audio C1 speakers also use real aluminium dome tweeters with silk suspensions for refined high-frequency performance and improved response. Coaxial models are equipped with true, 2nd order high-pass filters on-board, for smooth, accurate treble reproduction and low distortion. Component systems include in-line, outboard 2nd order high-pass filters, with Advanced Tweeter Protection Circuitry. Surface and flush mount fixtures are also standard with C1 component tweeters.

To ensure a good fit into most vehicles, we offer a wide range of C1 sizes, all with moderate depths and minimal tweeter protrusions, to install neatly into most factory speaker locations, behind factory grilles.

JL Audio C1-650 Component 6.5-inch (165 mm) 50 Watts RMS