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Dash Cams Brisbane

The range of Dash Cam and Drive Recorders is ever-growing, now with premium brands focusing on getting the best video quality for useable evidence for the vehicle owner, plus now offering features like GPS tracking, parking mode, log-booking and Wi-Fi technology to share the recorded content with web browsers or Smartphones.

They can be used for both personal or commercial applications and offer great peace of mind when it comes to an extra pair of eyes when you are driving or even when you have parked your vehicle.

Dash Cam Recorders

Who Needs a Dash Cam Recorder (DVR)? Everyone who drives, both professionals and recreational! With the every changing attitude on our roads it’s best to have a silent witness in your vehicle to protect you and your rights. Whether it’s a road accident, road rage or a parking incident the footage can assist you with captured evidence that could save your insurance excess or assist the Police with their inquiries.

The most compelling reason to install a Dash Cam is to protect yourself and prove your innocence in the case of a road incident.

A quality Dash Cam provides clear, visual evidence in the case of insurance disputes or false accusations after an unfortunate incident.

We carry a range od Dash Cams to suit all vehicles, trucks, cars $WD’s & Motorcycles

The Team at Sound Garage are happy to assist you in choosing the right Dash Cam to suit your needs and budget.

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