Alpine RUE-BK01A - Wireless Volume Controller for iLX-F511A / iLX-F509A

Control your Alpine iLX-F511A Halo 11 / Alpine iLX-F509A Halo 9 volume




Alpine RUE-BK01A 

Wireless Volume Controller for iLX-F511A / iLX-F509A

The touch-sensitive buttons on the Alpine iLX-F511A Halo 11 and Alpine iLX-F509A Halo 9 look very sleek and clean, but many customers prefer to have a rotary dial for a more convenient volume adjustment especially while driving.

The new Alpine RUE-BK01 wireless volume control knob gives you quick access to your system’s master volume and even lets you activate your reversing camera with a simple push on the rotary encoder.

The Alpine RUE-BK01 can be mounted to either side of the Halo’s display or used in any custom installation in the centre console or other convenient locations.


  • This product is not compatible with the 1st generation Alpine Halo 9 product line (iLX-F269E iLX-F309E, INE-F409E, iLX-F2611E).
  • This product can not be used when a Wireless Apple CarPlay connection is active.

Alpine RUE-BK01

Easy Volume Access

This optional volume knob makes quick adjustments to your Alpine Halo system’s master volume much easier, especially while you drive. It is designed to work with the iLX-F511A and iLX-F509A, but can also be used with the iLX-507A (custom installation required).

Mounting Options

You have the option to mount the volume knob on the left or right side of your iLX-F511A or iLX-F509A Alpine Halo screen – depending on your preference and steering wheel configuration.

All Parts Included

The Alpine RUE-BK01 comes with a high-quality metal bracket and required screws, to securely mount the knob to your Alpine Halo’s display housing. It also includes a battery to operate the wireless device.

Easy Camera Access

A simple push of the rotary encoder activates your reversing or front camera system. This is especially very convenient for motorhome drivers, to have a quick look behind your vehicle while you drive.

Custom Installation

The RUE-BK01 is also compatible with the iLX-507A, however, a custom mounting solution is required. You can for example attach the knob with some Velcro tape to your centre console, cup holder or convenient location.

No Cables – No Clutter

Your volume knob uses Bluetooth technology, avoiding the need for any cables that clutter your dashboard. Note that while you use wireless Apple CarPlay, this knob has no function.



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