Alpine iLX-W670A Apple CarPlay/Android Auto Receiver

March 21, 2024

New Release! Alpine iLX-W670A

Apple CarPlay/Android Auto Receiver

The all-new iLX-W670A will replace the iLX-W650 in the Alpine range.

Alpine iLX-W670

Are you a car audio enthusiast seeking superior sound control or someone who desires effortless connectivity? Look no further than the Alpine iLX-W670A! This cutting-edge device is tailor-made for individuals like you, providing an unparalleled audio experience.

Experience an elevated audio experience with our new Sound Boost menu!

Alpine iLX-W670

This feature includes enhanced Bass Boost & Mid-Bass Boost controls, subwoofer controls, and a cutting-edge Lighting Link feature. With Lighting Link, you can now control the lighting on Alpine’s PrismaLink™ subwoofer enclosures directly from your screen, creating a mesmerizing visual display that perfectly complements your music. Elevate your listening experience to a whole new level with these exciting new features!

Fine Tune your Sound

Alpine iLX-W670

Unlock the incredible potential of your music with the 13-band Graphic EQ, 6CH DSP time correction, and versatile crossovers for the front and rear speakers and subwoofer.

The Alpine iLX-W670A provides the necessary tools to fine-tune your sound to absolute perfection meticulously.

Get ready to experience your music like never before!


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