Can You Use a Mobile Phone via Hands-Free Bluetooth While Driving in Queensland?

February 13, 2023

In Queensland, Australia, the law is clear when it comes to using mobile phones while driving: you can't do it. But what about hands-free Bluetooth?

Can motorists use this type of technology while behind the wheel?

Let's take a look at the rules and regulations around this issue.

What does the law say about using a mobile phone via hands-free Bluetooth while driving in Queensland?

It is illegal to use a mobile phone in any way while driving in Queensland, except if using Bluetooth hands-free technology. This means you are able to talk on your phone via your head unit, but not if it requires you to touch or hold your mobile device. You cannot program navigation systems, be distracted by ‘playing’ with the device, watch videos or compose text messages or emails while driving.

If you are caught breaking this law, you can face steep fines and demerit points. Ultimately though, the best policy when driving is to refrain from any activity that takes your attention away from focusing on the road ahead―otherwise, an accident might be the result!

Are there any Learner, P1 or P2 restrictions around using a mobile phone via hands-free Bluetooth while driving in Queensland?

In Queensland, hand-held mobile phone use is prohibited for all learners, and P1 and P2 license holders when driving a motor vehicle. This includes taking photos, texting or video calling, as well as making or answering calls. However, using a hands-free Bluetooth device such as headphones or a dash mount to answer or make calls is allowed, but only if the Bluetooth device does not require the driver to hold it in their hands.

The device must also be securely mounted on the vehicle if it affects the driver’s view of the road. It's important that there are potential distractions when engaging with Bluetooth devices while driving—speaking at normal levels and briefly glancing away from the road to access user interface features can have an effect on concentration and focus behind the wheel.

What are the penalties if you are caught using a mobile phone while driving in Queensland?

Using a mobile phone while driving in Queensland can have costly consequences. If you are caught using your mobile phone for any reason including texting, calling, or checking social media while driving, you may receive an excess mobile phone use offence. This offence comes with a fine of $1,042 and four demerit points for the first offence—which increases to a minimum fine of $2412 and 6 demerit points for further offences.

If you choose to challenge the fine in court, consider the cost associated with legal fees on top of the potential court imposing a fine. Additionally, losing enough demerit points can result in losing your licence altogether, so it’s best to avoid using your mobile phone while on the road.

What hands-free Bluetooth products are available for drivers?

Many drivers face the need for hands-free technology due to new laws as well as personal comfort and convenience. Luckily, there are many products available on the market today that offer hands-free virtual assistance. Some of these products are entirely dedicated to hands-free calls, while others have a range of features such as music streaming, navigation and Alexa digital assistance. Depending on the needs of the driver and their budget, they can select an option that works best for them. From cutting-edge advanced automotive technologies, like Apple CarPlay or Android Auto head units to simple car Bluetooth kits—drivers have a wide selection to choose from.

Apple CarPlay/Android Auto Head Units help you to avoid fines.

Smartphone-compatible head units in vehicles are taking over Bluetooth head units. These new head units create a whole new level of mobile entertainment and let you make calls, send text messages and navigate the streets or your media files all via voice control.

To learn more about hands-free devices, or enquire about our product range, contact Sound Garage today on (07) 3482 3861.

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