MB QUART Car Audio returns to Australia

May 6, 2023

Mobile Audio by MB Quart

Music. Defined. Our mobile automotive amplifiers, subwoofers, and speakers come in a wide range of high-quality affordable to premium options. MB Quart is second to none.

Brian at Sound Garage, has being selling MB Quart since 1992, and has taken on the product line-up to compliment our range of exsisting speakers, amplifiers and subwoofers.

Products crafted with precision. Audio heard with detail.

Music. Defined. through you – This is MB Quart.

Transforming audio into an immersive soundscape of superior playback that places the listener directly in the center of their music – MB Quart signifies the epitome of the car audio industry. When sound becomes fused with innovation through detail, durability, and performance – that is what Music. Defined. sets forth on promising to everyone that desires more from their audio. Bringing out the best from every song, layering them with hidden details in every beat and note, and delivering an experience that exemplifies perfection in every audio solution is what MB Quart stands for.

MB Quart is a high-end audio brand known for its elaborate and distinctive designs while producing rich sound quality. Found in 1962, MB Quart began producing professional studio microphones and headphones at its headquarters in Obrigheim, Germany. Through research, innovation, and a dedication to the highest standard of sound quality, MB Quart continues to grow its product line throughout its 50-year history.

From amplifiers that feed adrenaline-fused quality into every song, to speakers that seek perfection in every treble, to subwoofers that move the ground beneath, to Jeep Tuned Audio Kits (for Jeep Wrangler and Jeep Gladiator) that demand adventure out of every journey — MB Quart has the solution for those who seek more from their audio crave.

Our slogan – Music. Defined. is the superior standard to how MB Quart holds itself accountable for pushing the bar forward. Consumers of these products can experience a wide range of audio solutions that will deliver all of their needs for Powersports and Marine machines. MB Quart continues to expand its horizons with a range of OEM partners that include Polaris® and Bobcat® by delivering audio products and solutions that integrate seamlessly into machines and vehicles.

The MB Quart brand is owned by Maxxsonics and is based near Chicago, IL, and continues to give those who want the best from their audio everything they demand and more. Define your passion for audio with playback that transforms sound into a concert-filled atmosphere of quality, power, loudness, and performance.

Seek perfection from sound.

Define your audio with Music. Defined.

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