New Alpine iLX-F511A Halo11 11-inch Apple CarPlay/Android Auto Announced.

August 31, 2021

Alpine iLX-F511A Halo11

11-inch Capacitive Touch Screen with Apple CarPlay/Android Auto

A new Halo11 will be added to the existing range of the Halo family of head units to be released later this year.

Alpine iLX-F511A Halo11

The new Alpine Halo11 (iLX-F511A) features the largest screen Alpine has ever put on to a head unit.
With a whopping 11-inch high-resolution touchscreen, this XXL monster is the perfect upgrade for any vehicle with a larger dashboard such as vans, pick-up trucks, or simply anybody seeking a huge screen in the dash. 
The new model will complement the existing Alpine iLX-F2611E Halo11and will be a more advanced model offering a premium Halo11 to the range.
Compatible with all 1DIN or 2DIN installation dock vehicles as with the previous models in the Halo family⁠.
For even more convenience, the iLX-F511A can set up a wireless network and even receive or transmit Apple Carplay apps such as navigation, WhatsApp, Spotify or telephone from the smartphone without a cable connection. Another plus point for a large screen is the even better interpretation of the rearview camera image. Two reversing cameras can be connected directly to the Halo11 and operated via the display. This gives you a rear-view cinema, so to speak, and can be optimally guided over the image display of the cameras  
Trucks, Motorhomes, and many spacious leisure vehicles offer a significantly larger cockpit than conventional cars. For this reason, it makes sense to offer an infotainment system with a screen that is adapted to the vehicle size.
The new Alpine Halo11 offers one for that 28 cm (11-inch) XVGA touchscreen.
This size can be compared with a tablet and thus raises the ease of use and readability to a new level.  
The basic equipment is also more than ample and the functions such as digital radio DAB +, 3 pre-amp outputs, the playback of Hi-Res audio, FLAC, MP 3, and WMA files are on board.
As with the first Alpine Halo11, the incline, height, and depth of the screen on the new Alpine iLX-F511A Halo11 can also be variably adjusted for optimal readability.
The HDMI input and output can be used for external sources such as a DVD player.
But you can also connect your smartphone to it and view its content, such as B. display videos or pictures on the screen.


  • Output power: Max. Power 4x 50 W high power amplifier
  • Integrated premium quality amplifier for excellent sound
  • Display: 11-inch capacitive WVGA high-resolution display
  • White LED backlight
  • Touchscreen with slide function/drag and scroll function
  • Customizable favorites screen
  • 2 user profiles can be created
  • High-quality audiophile design
  • Preamplifier: 3 PreOuts (4 V, Front / Rear / Subwoofer)
  • AUX-In: 1x A / V input (3.5 mm jack connector)
  • Suitable for a steering wheel remote control
  • Vehicle Display Interface Ready (UART connection)
  • Navigation mix announcement
  • Camera connection for RCA input
  • Rearview camera guidance lines
  • Reversing camera with immediate start function (immediate display of the reversing camera when the system is started)
  • Simple Mode & Info Mode display
  • Visual EQ
  • Live contrast adjustment
  • Menu language: 24 languages ​​(for AV & Bluetooth)
  • time
  • Automatic dimmer
  • Theft protection with numeric code
  • Firmware updatable
  • Antenna control remote (on / off)
  • Remote turn-on
  • HDMI input (special Alpine HDMI connection cable required)
  • Start-Stop Ready

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