Car Speakers Brisbane

High Quality Car Speakers Brisbane

Upgrading your car audio system can be approached in various ways, depending on your goals.

Whether you want to be heard from three blocks away or enjoy hi-fi stereo or 5.1 surround sound in your vehicle. We can design and install a system to meet your needs

Sound Garage carries a range of quality speakers to help you reach your audio goals.

Enhance Your Sound System With Our Quality Car Speakers

We specialize in high-quality car audio solutions to ensure you get the best sound system for your specific vehicle. The clear sound immerses you in radio programs, songs, and more. We have partnered with the top audio suppliers in Australia to help Brisbane locals with their car speaker needs, and this gives us a guarantee of quality in every product.

Discover The Perfect Speakers For Your Car

Our car products can help you reach the high audio standards you’re looking for, with plenty of options to fit many car brands. We know every car is different, so they’ll need other types of speakers that emphasise and blend well with their sound systems. Car speakers are not one-size-fits-all, but this is actually for the best – it means you're getting the product that will work best with your vehicle and not just a jack of all trades.

We have everything from typical speakers to top amplifiers. We are experts at car audio and will do all we can to unite your motor with high-end products. Working alongside Stinger Australia lets us achieve this goal—this partnership guarantees quality for all of our customers. For a comprehensive and collaborative tool that helps you determine what will fit your vehicle, visit our guide here.

Incredible Audio Technology From The Industry’s Best Brands

When searching for a new speaker or amplifier to complement your car, the security of a name brand can give you confidence about your choice. We know that you will want the best technology in the car audio sector, which is why we use nothing less than the top brands; you need something that you’re confident will serve you for a long time.

Car Speakers FAQ

Which speaker is best for my car?

This will depend upon your vehicle’s brand and model. Our partners, Stinger Australia, have put together this. Give us a call.

What’s the difference between 2-way and 3-way speakers?

2-way speakers contain a woofer and a tweeter, whereas 3-way speakers also have a mid-range that handles a more diverse range of frequencies—this can give you better-quality sound.

How much is it to install car speakers?

This depends on your chosen system, but Sound Garage boasts competitive prices for every service. You're always welcome to call us for a specific quote on our installations.

Can you mix car speaker brands?

Generally, you get better quality sound if you do not mix brands; car speakers work best with other parts and components of the same make. This does not mean you can't mix them, but the sound might suffer.

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