DSP Amplifiers

Most modern vehicles feature heavily integrated car audio systems that, due to the integration of other vehicle functions like climate control are often difficult to replace.

Don’t despair though as Sound Garage have a range of specialist solutions and techniques to extract perfect sound from your factory fitted source unit.

There is an extensive range of digital sound processor amplifiers that are the perfect start to building your new stereo system

The team at Sound Garage have the expeptise to help you choose the right DSP Amplifier for your vehicle, install DSP Amplifiers as well as having trained DSP tuners on our team.

AudioControl D-4.800 4 CH Amplifier with Built-In DSP
AudioControl D-6.1200 6 CH DSP Amplifier
AudioControl D5.1300 5 Channel DSP Amplifier
Alpine Status HDP-D90 Hi-Res Digital Sound Processor Amplifier
Alpine PXE-X800 Digital Sound Processor Amplifier
Alpine OPTIM8 PXE-C80-88 8-CH Amplified Sound Processor
Alpine PXE-M60-4 6 Channel Sound Processor
Alpine PXE-X121-12EV 12-Channel EV-Series Hi-Res DSP Amplifier
ARC Audio PS8-50 DSP 8 ChannelAmplifier
Beat-Sonic Encore DSP-TO3 DSP Plug & Play Amplifier Suitable For Select Toyota Vehicles
Beat-Sonic Encore DSP-FO3 DSP Plug & Play Amplifier Suitable For Ford Ranger/VW