11" Touch Screens

In recent years, car radios have evolved from simple audio systems to sophisticated multimedia hubs, enhancing users' driving experience.

One of the latest advancements in car audio technology is the introduction of 11-inch touchscreen car radios. These high-definition displays provide a modern aesthetic to the vehicle's dashboard and offer a wide range of features and functionalities.

Alpine iLX-F511A Halo11 11-inch Wireless Apple CarPlay/Android Auto/DAB+ Receiver
Alpine iLX-F509A FP9129CT Ranger PXII/PXIII 9-inch Apple CarPlay/Android Auto System
Alpine iLX-F511A Halo11 HILUX20-F511A - Hilux 2020+
Alpine iLX-F511A Halo11 HILUX15-F511A - Hilux 2015 - 2020
Alpine DMAX20-F511A - iLX-F511A Halo11 - Isuzu D-MAX 11-inch Apple CarPlay/Android Auto/DAB+ Receiver
Alpine Style AMAROK-F511A-1 Halo11 Apple CarPlay/Android Auto/DAB+ - VW Amarok (2010-2015)
Alpine iLX-F511Ai Halo11 11-inch Apple CarPlay/Android Auto/DAB+