Slate Series

The leading brand in acoustics, Focal is enhancing its Motorities Collection with the Slatefiber line. This new range is comprised of two powerful and versatile kits – Focal PS 165 SF and Focal PC 165 SF – which combine performance, French manufacturing and affordable pricing. With numerous product lines developed especially for cars – from entry-level to the top of the range – Focal caters for all customers and all vehicles, confirming its position as the French leader for in-car sound.


Designed, developed and manufactured in the Focal workshops, the Slatefiber cone has been a hit since it came on the market in 2019 – first, with the Chora Hi-Fi loudspeakers, then with the Studio Alpha Evo monitors, and today with the PS 165 SF and PC 165 SF in-car kits.

A specialist in composite cones known as “sandwich”, Focal continues to innovate in the field of speaker drivers for a high-fidelity listening experience. The brand has introduced new materials for its Slatefiber cones, more particularly recycled non-woven carbon fibres for better damping, rigidity and lightness, three key characteristics of an excellent speaker driver. This cone’s unique “slate effect” offers an outstanding soundstage.


The PS 165 SF and PC 165 SF kits – a component kit and a coaxial kit – offer the ultimate acoustic performance. They combine the standard 165mm size to cover a wide range of vehicles on the market, meticulous finishes, sleek styling, excellent power handling and high sensitivity, offering smooth amplification. They can even be directly connected to the original car radio or be used with an amplifier to make the most of their performance.



Focal PS165SF 16.5cm (6.5”) Slate Fibre 2-Way Component Kit
Focal PC165SF 16.5cm (6.5”) Slate Fibre 2-Way Coaxial Kit