Since 1993, JL Audio W6 subwoofers have embodied the optimal combination of trade-offs required to reproduce exceptional in-car bass from very compact enclosures. The W6v3’s are the third generation of the W6 pedigree, representing a giant leap forward in our quest for small-box bass perfection.

The W6v3 subwoofers share an assembly line and several groundbreaking technologies with our flagship W7’s. These advances keep distortion well below audibility throughout the driver’s dynamic range. In addition to these technologies, W6v3’s also incorporates a patented cooling structure that efficiently channels air around the voice coil to further improve power handling and fidelity. The suspension design features a rubber surround for enhanced durability and a large-diameter, progressive roll spider to provide linear compliance over the woofer’s excursion range. The cones are injection-moulded, mineral-filled polypropylene and incorporate a silver accent ring that creates a classy new look in combination with the satin black cast alloy basket. All W6v3’s offer dual 4-ohm voice coils that can be wired in series for an 8-ohm load, or in parallel for a 2-ohm load.

Both models of the W6v3’s offer impressive linear excursion of 0.75-inches (19 mm), one-way, along with highly powerful magnetic systems that have been optimized via our proprietary DMA technology to maintain a highly stable magnetic field over the entire excursion range of the driver. This leads directly to significant reductions in audible distortion and creates a tighter, more accurate low-frequency presentation in your vehicle, at any listening level.

These are, quite simply, the best JL Audio W6 subwoofers ever…  and that is saying something.

JL Audio 10W6v3-D4 10-inch Subwoofer
JL Audio 12W6v3-D4 12-inch Subwoofer