Head Rest DVD System

A fully integrated headrest system will give your the highest level entertainment, with a range of rear seat entertainment solutions like replacement headrest systems can offer.

Rear Screen Entertainment Systems

Road Trips Have Never Been More Fun

Family Time on the Road you Just Got Better. The Head Rest DVD entertainment system is perfect for your passengers.

Your passengers can enjoy a quality picture on any road trip through HDMI/USB or their favourite DVD or movie device.

A fully integrated headrest system will give you the highest level of ‘factory look’ integration, and it is compatible with a range of vehicle-specific replacement headrest systems.

Typical Features: Vehicle-Specific and Universal Kits

  • Built-in DVD
  • Colour Matched to Popular Vehicles
  • Wireless Headphones
HiTV Ultra 13 DVD Smart TV Pro Head Rest DVD Monitors
HiTV Mega 11 Rear Seat Head Rest Monitor with DVD/Smart TV
HiTV V900 9 inch Universal In-Car DVD Headrest Plus Smart TV
HiTV 9V DVD Smart TV Pro 9" Car Specific In-Car DVD Headrest + Smart TV