Aerpro APS262 Tweeter Pods to suit Toyota Hilux 2015-2020

Tweeter pods to suit Toyota Hilux 2015-2020




Aerpro APS262

Tweeter Pods to Suit Toyota Hilux 2015-2020

Introducing the Aerpro APS262 Tweeter Pods - the perfect solution for mounting tweeters on your Toyota Hilux's front door sail panels (2015-2020)! These sleek black pods are designed specifically for your vehicle, providing a discreet and stylish mounting option for tweeters up to 50mm in size.

What's great about these pods is that they come as a pair, with both left and right options included. This means you can quickly achieve a balanced and symmetrical look in your car. Plus, the blank design lets you choose whether to flush or surface mount your tweeters for a customized setup.

Installation is a breeze - simply replace the factory panels while retaining the original clips and mounting holes. With the Aerpro APS262 Tweeter Pods, you can enjoy high-quality sound in your Toyota Hilux without hassle.

Upgrade your audio experience today!

Important Information:

  • Blank panel suits either flush mount or surface mount installation.
  • Tweeter Pods to suit a Toyota Hilux (2015-2020)
  • Black vehicle-specific design for discreet installation
  • Mount on the front door sail panels
  • Uses existing mounting clips and holes for fitment
  • Suitable for tweeters up to 50mm in size
  • Blank panel, suits either flush mount or surface mount up to 50mm
  • Supplied as a pair, left and right
  • Mount Type: Vehicle Specific
  • Mounting Location: Front door sail panels
  • Maximum Tweeter Size: 50mm
  • Colour: Black
  • Sold As: Pair (1x Left / 1x Right)
  • Toyota Hilux (2015-2020)


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