Alpine PXE-X800 Digital Sound Processor Amplifier

The core components are made of high-quality products with Japanese ALPINE unified tuning, Aluminium housing with a premium texture, and Low-key highlights with a built-in high-power amplifier.





Alpine PXE-X800

Digital Sound Processor Amplifier

The Alpine PXE-X800 is the ultimate audio solution for almost any requirement.

Introducing the revolutionary Alpine PXE-X800 12-Channel Digital Audio Processor! Prepare to be blown away by its cutting-edge design and unparalleled performance. This powerhouse of Alpine innovation is here to redefine the world of sound processing.

Get ready to elevate your listening experience to new heights with the Alpine PXE-X800. With features like the AptX Bluetooth lossless format, 31 bands of EQ adjustment, and channel time correction, you'll be immersed in a world of extreme sound like never before.

Regardless if you choose to utilize the built-in amplifier with its 8-channel high-level inputs or connect external amplifiers through the 12-channel RCA outputs, the system flexibility of the Alpine PXE-X800 knows no bounds.

Experience the ultimate convenience with the Alpine PXE-X800 tuning system. Connect wirelessly through a smartphone application or via USB for a PC. The user-friendly software allows you to fine-tune and control your system with ease, all while displaying data on a sleek and modern graphical user interface.

But that's not all! The Alpine PXE-X800 tuning software takes user-friendliness to a whole new level. With its interface split-screen mode and convenient tuning at a glance, you'll be able to perfect your sound system effortlessly.

From upgrading your OEM system to creating a high-end audio masterpiece, the Alpine PXE-X800's powerful tuning capabilities and system flexibility will help you achieve the sound of your dreams. Get ready to experience true high-end sound like never before. The Alpine PXE-X800 is here to take your audio journey to the next level.

Alpine PXE-X800

Introducing Systematic Concepts

With Alpine’s comprehensive product and development research, the “system matching concept” has been introduced to provide the ultimate listening flexibility to our audiophiles. The PXE-X800 is equipped with built-in systematic sound effect data and one-key tuning – and when combined with DP series speakers, the sound field of the entire system is positioned accurately.

Alpine PXE-X800

Extensive Sound Tuning 

The Alpine PXE-X800 delivers expansive tuning capabilities straight out of the box and allows you to dive deep into refining the calibration of your system. With a more user-friendly design, the Alpine PXE-X800 tuning software features a split-screen mode allowing for a quicker and more convenient user-tuning experience across your devices. With such easy access to tuning through a PC or smartphone, the Alpine PXE-X800 makes professional-grade audio tuning readily available to everyone.

Alpine PXE-X800

F#1 Status-Inspired Design

Drawing design inspiration from the pinnacle in car audio – Alpine F#1 Status. The all-new Alpine PXE-X800 exudes coolness with a high-quality metal brushed aluminium shell and Alpine’s exclusive blue power indicator light. Despite the Alpine PXE-X800’s compact design it packs punch with powerful performance delivery of up to 50W RMS (CH1-CH4). Furthermore, the input and output terminals are placed in a unified vertical direction with convenient wiring to assist with your super-clean installation.

Alpine PXE-X800


High-level Inputs

The Alpine PXE-X800 is supplied with 8 high-level inputs, 4×50W RMS (CH1-CH4) + 4x25W RMS (CH5-CH8) allowing the use of its compact internal amplifier to provide added power and authority to your system. Optical/coaxial input is also available for further system integration.

Alpine PXE-X800


12 Channel RCA Outputs

The 12 Channel RCA outputs allow for the setup of virtually any system configuration.

The connection of external amplifiers to the outputs allows for the use of 2-way and 3-way speaker systems with a subwoofer.

Alpine PXE-X800


Ultra-Compact Footprint 

The ultra-compact design measuring at 228mm x 195mm and a slim profile of just 45mm allows this amplifier to be installed virtually anywhere in the vehicle, such as under or behind a seat, or any other suitable location.

With its impressive high-class design, it’s also perfect for custom show-level installations.

Alpine PXE-X800

Unique APTX Bluetooth Lossless Format

The external V4.0 dual-mode Bluetooth technology is designed to deliver low power consumption and great sound quality with the support of APTX lossless format. With a long-range transmission of up to 15m, this ensures the Bluetooth transmission performance is stable, providing a smooth listening experience.

Alpine RUX-C810

RUX-C810 Controller 

The Alpine RUX-C810 controller (sold separately) is compatible with the Alpine PXE-X800 12-Channel Digital Audio Processor enabling main source and EQ preset selection, input selection and subwoofer volume adjustment. The controller is very compact and can be easily installed anywhere in the dashboard or centre console. It features a rotary encoder and a black/white LCD display.

Explore the range of Alpine Speakers and Alpine Subwoofers

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Frequency response

  •  20Hz – 20KHz/ 1Hz step


  • 12-channel RCA audio
  • Built-in AMP
  • Slope 6/12/18/24/30/36/42/48 dB
  • Optical/ Coaxial


  • 4 x 25W (Rated power)
  • 4 x 50W (Max power)

 Sound & Tuning

  • 31 Bands parametric EQ
  • 31 Bands graphic EQ
  • Time correction (up to 20ms/ ch)
  • AptX Bluetooth lossless format


  • 228.2mm x 194.5mm x 45mm
  • Dynamic range: ≥100dB
  •  SNR (RCA): ≥110dB
  • Background noise: High level: 93.3uVrms; RCA:8uVrms
  •  Channel resolution: ≥80dB
  •  THD: ≤0.05%
  • Input voltage: High level: 30Vpp; RCA:5Vpp
  • Output voltage: High level CH1~CH4: 40 Vpp, high level CH5~CH8: 28 Vpp; RCA: 8 Vpp
  • Rated power: CH1~CH4:50W,CH5~CH8:25W(4Ω, 14.4V, 1kHz, 10%THD)
  • Maximum power: CH 1 ~ CH4:100W,CH5~ CH8:50W(4Ω, 1 4.4V, 1kHz, 10%THD)
  • Input / output sensitivity (RCA): 1:1.23 (no power amplification)
  • System sampling rate: 48kHz/24bit
  • Input impedance: High level: 51Ω; RCA:20kΩ
  • Output impedance: 51Ω
  • Operating voltage: 9~16V
  • Quiescent current: ≤3mA (in off-state)
  • Stand-by power consumption: ≤0.1W
  • REM startup input: High level (H1-/H1+), ACC selectable
  • REM startup output: 12V(0.2A)
  • Uptime: 10s
  • Operating ambient temperature: -20~60℃
  • Storage temperature: -40~85℃


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