Alpine R2-A75M Next-Generation R-Series 750W Mono Amplifier

Experience the impressive power and exceptional performance of the Next-Gen R-Series R2-A75M Mono Amplifier, now featuring a more compact design.

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Alpine R2-A75M

Next-Generation R-Series 750W Mono Amplifier

The innovative and highly anticipated all-new R-Series amplifiers are truly remarkable powerhouse masterpieces.

With a meticulous approach, every aspect of their design composition and engineering has been embarked upon to achieve sonic excellence and power performance, all while embodied in a compact form factor. Furthermore, they incorporate advances in technology gained from the ultra-high-end Alpine Status series amplifiers.

The R2-A60F is class-leading in every way by combining both power output and high-definition sound with Hi-Res Audio specifications to allow your music to remain faithful to the original recording with realism and authority, which puts you right in the centre of the performance.

Be wowed by the bold aesthetic design and stunning build quality—from the moment you see, touch and hold these amplifiers exudes quality. With their solid cast aluminium body, precision machined finishes and high-quality terminal blocks, every detail is premium and first-class.

Smaller and more powerful than ever. Alpine’s all-new exclusive digital design architecture has enabled the footprint size to be significantly reduced without compromising audio specifications and power output. They are 15% smaller than their predecessors and the completely new R2-A150M is Alpine’s most powerful ever in a highly compact chassis.

Beneath the exquisite beauty cover panel lay the top panel controls providing convenient access to configure the amplifier and fine-tune audio calibration adjustments. What’s more, the single-sided terminal layout and integrated chassis mounting make installations a breeze.

These pint-sized, yet potent amplifiers give you enormous and effortless power delivery, coupled with incredible audiophile-grade sound quality, making them the perfect choice for the astute system builder enthusiast and discerning music fans.

Born to be played Loud—the all-new R-Series gives you legendary performance with an extreme power output matched with unrivalled sound quality and reliability.

Trickle-Down Technology

Using “trickle-down” technology-inspired design, and performance cues from the Ultra-High-Resolution AlpineF#1 systems, the Next-Generation R-Series Amplifiers feature Alpine-exclusive circuit design architecture that will take this legendary system to the next level in sound performance.

Exclusive Alpine Digital Design

The all-new R-Series utilise Alpine’s advanced digital design which unlike a typical Class-D amplifier circuit adds an all-digital dual post-filter feedback loop for unmatched accuracy and control while minimising internal noise.

Top Panel Controls

Intentional designs were made to locate the controls to the top panel of the amplifier under the removable plate allowing convenient access to gain and crossover adjustments. To simplify the installation, mounting feet are integrated into the chassis of the amplifier.

Compact and Powerful

The R2-A75M features a reduced footprint that’s 15% smaller than the previous model (R-A75M), making it easier than ever to install in most vehicle applications while still getting the same powerhouse performance.

Extraordinary Dampening Factor

The R-Series amplifiers produce an extraordinary damping factor well beyond their rivals; 500> for the R2-A60F and >1500 for the R2-A75M. This achieves precision control of cone movement at high power outputs with minimal distortion.

Control your Subwoofer

The optional RUX-KNOB.2 remote bass knob controller (sold separately) connects directly to R-Series amplifiers, providing easily accessible subwoofer control to make bass adjustments on the fly to enhance your listening experience.


  • 750W Mono Amplifier 
  • Alpine’s Class D Amplifier Circuit 
  • Reduced Footprint (15% smaller compared to the previous R-A75M model)
  • One-Sided Terminal Layout 
  • Top Panel Sound Controls 
  • Integrated Mounting Feet for Simple Installation
  • Optional Remote Bass Knob Compatible (required RUX-KNOB.2 or RUX-H01, sold separately)
Dimensions: 11.1” W x 2.17” H x 6.5” D
Weight: 7 lbs, 10 oz
Power Rating: 14.4V, ≤ 1% THD +N
Power Output: 500W RMS x 1 @ 4Ω, 750W RMS x 1 @ 2Ω
S/N Ratio: >75dB
Frequency Response: 10Hz – 400Hz
Damping Factor: >250
CTA-2006-D Certification


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