AudioControl D-6.1200 6 channel DSP matrix amplifier with accubass®

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AudioControl D-6.1200

High-power 6-channel DSP matrix amplifier with accubass®

AudioControl has paired its award-winning amplifier technology with its powerful Matrix DSP into the AudioControl D-6.1200. This single-unit solution provides unprecedented power and tuning flexibility when you require audio perfection from your factory or aftermarket sound system.

Paired with award winning amplifier technology and powerful Matrix DSP, the D-6.1200 is a single-unit solution provides unprecedented power and tuning flexibility when you require audio perfection from your factory or aftermarket sound system.

The AudioControl D-6.1200 features active speaker-level inputs, line-level inputs, and outputs plus, using AudioControl’s DM Smart DSP app gives you complete control over all features including 30 bands of equalization, signal delay, input delay, polarity, and AudioControl proprietary features like AccuBASS®, GTOTM Signal Sense, and MILCTMplus integrated input and output RTA’s.

The Input You Need

Integrating an amplifier into the factory audio system of many vehicles can be confusing and scary. Dealing with many input channels, active and passive speaker options and high-powered outputs makes your basic line-out converter, not an option.

With 8 Channels of high-level input accepting up to 400 watts per channel using the same technology found in our DSP range of interfaces, the D-6.1200 makes easy work of taking all of these signals and giving you the smooth full range output you want.

Using an aftermarket head unit? We’ve got you covered with 6 channels of low-level RCA input for direct control of each channel.

Big On Output

With a long heritage of home audio, AudioControl’s flagship 6-Channel DSP Amplifier offers some serious grunt matched with amazing sound quality.

Thanks to its efficient Class-D topology, the D-6.1200 offers a full 20Hz to 20kHz audio range with a warm, clean and detailed sound like you would find in the AudioControl home theatre range.

With up to 200 Watts RMS per channel and over 400w Bridged, this packs a serious punch with its 6 channels of output.

We’ve even included an assignable stereo RCA output for an additional amplifier connection. Great for external monoblock amplifiers.

Total Integration Solution

The AudioControl D6.1200 Amplifier offers two great features for unlocking amazing sound in your vehicle. Serious power and extensive control. The amplifier can be set up as either 6,5 or 3-channel configurations to suit your needs.

Designed for use with many different combinations including

  • Active 2-Way Component Speakers + Passive Rear
  • Active 3-Way Component Speakers
  • Front Speakers, Rear Speakers and Subwoofer
  • Front Speakers and Dual Subwoofers
  • You could even use it for 3x Subwoofers!

Offering a full Digital Sound Processing (DSP) suite, the AudioControl D-6.1200 lets you tune and dial in your system to how you always wanted it.

Smart DSP Software

Connect your laptop to the D-6.1200 using AudioControl’s DM Smart DSP app, a fully featured Matrix DSP Interface designed to give you instant and clear control over every aspect of your processor.

Using the same technology you would find in our AudioControl standalone DSP range, Route any input to any output, adjust gain, delay and polarity then precisely tune the D-6.1200.

Features Per Channel

  • 30 band EQ
  • Adjustable 12 or 24 dB/octave Linkwitz-Riley High-pass/low-pass / band-pass crossover
  • AccuBass Bass Restoration
  • Adjustable Time Delay
  • Adjustable Signal Delay
  • Channel Summing
  • Line Driver
  • Auto EQ
  • Adjustable Input Level
  • Real-Time Analyzer on Input Channel as well as Output Channel.

For OEM integration, take advantage of the input and output RTAs, available for every input and output, to easily identify and sum factory speaker signals.

With a clear GUI and intuitive workflow, AudioControl’s DM Smart DSP app will take the guesswork out of tuning your system to your exact specifications.

Get That BASS!

Using patented technology, each AudioControl D-6.1200 includes the AccuBASS processor system as part of the DSP package.

Ever fitted an amplifier to a factory system and found the bass lacking the punch you wanted? Designed to correct bass removed from the factory audio system to protect the factory speakers, AccuBASS processing is an adjustable feature that gives your new audio system the rock-solid bass response that you wanted.

The built-in Option Port on the AudioControl D-6.1200 is the future of car audio and will allow hi-res streaming directly into the DSP. It also opens up future proprietary connections for additional inputs, controllers and interface solutions.

Perfect for OEM integration and aftermarket builds, the AudioControlD-6.1200 packs power and intelligent flexibility into one beautiful cast aluminium chassis.

Award-winning amplification combined with the powerful DSP found in the DM-608 and DM-810 gives you the ultimate single-product solution. AudioControl Matrix DSP Amplifiers feature OEM integration-friendly features such as signal summing, AccuBASS®, and the best sounding Class D amplification in the world, even if they do say so themselves.

Sound Garage is Australia's #1 Authorised AudioControl Dealer, Stockist, and Installation Centre.

AudioControl D-6.1200 - Features:

  • Built-in DSP
  • Configurable as 6/5/4/3 channel amplifier
  • 6 x 200 watts @ 2 ohms
  • 6 x 125 watts @ 4 ohms
  • 400 watts @ 4 ohms bridged
  • AccuBASS® Processing
  • MILCTM Maximum Input Level Control (Patent Pending)
  • GTOTM Signal Sense
  • Active speaker-level inputs (8 channels) for OEM integration
  • 6 preamp inputs
  • 2 assignable preamp outputs
  • Solid One-Piece Aluminum Chassis
  • DM Smart DSP app available as a free download
  • Input and Output RTA for precise and informed tuning
  • Input and Output Delay
  • 12 and 24 dB/octave Linkwitz-Riley crossovers
  • 30 band equalizer
  • Optional ACR-3 remote for preset recall and level control
  • Bulletproof 5-year warranty (when installed by an authorized AudioControl dealer)



  • Preamp Inputs: 6 balanced
  • Preamp Input Voltage Range: 250 mV – 8 Vrms
  • Speaker Level Inputs: 8
  • Speaker Level Input Voltage Range: 3 V – 40 Vrms


  • Rated Continuous (RMS) Power at 14.4V:
    • 4 Ω – 125 W x 6 RMS
    • 2 Ω – 200 W x 6 RMS
    • Bridged 4 Ω – 400 W RMS
  • Preamp Outputs: 2
  • Maximum Preamp Output: 8.5 V RMS


  • Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 24 kHz
  • Signal to Noise: 102 dBA, Ref 200 W @ 2 Ohm
  • THD+N: < 0.1%
  • Power / Ground Wire Gauge: 8 to 3 AWG wire
  • Fuse Rating: 3 x 40 A

weights & dimensions

  • Dimensions: 12.0″W x 8.0″D x 2.1″H
  • Weight: 7.1 lbs. (3.2 kg)

in the box: D-6.1200, Speaker Connectors, Fuses, Manual, Warranty


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