AudioFrog GS8ND2 8-inch Shallow Subwoofer

  • fibreglass cone with rubber surround and steel basket
  • frequency response: 30-300 Hz
  • power handling: 250 watts RMS (500 watts peak)
  • warranty: 1 year



AudioFrog GS8ND2

8-inch Shallow Subwoofer

Since their introduction, Audiofrog's car speakers have been celebrated for their high quality and superior sound.

The Audiofrog GS8ND2 8" speaker gives you the versatility to install it as a subwoofer or as a mid-bass speaker in systems that include a separate sub.  
The Audiofrog GS8ND2 is designed as a small and shallow subwoofer to be used in a sealed enclosure as small as 0.25 cubic feet or a vented enclosure as small as 0.5 cubic feet—perfect for under-seat boxes in trucks. It can also be used as a replacement for many factory-installed 8” subwoofers in enclosures or mounted in an infinite baffle.
For cars in which no additional subwoofer will be used and in which the factory location in the front doors is a 6×9” or 8”, the Audiofrog GS8ND2 is a great solution.
The Audiofrog GS8ND2 features a shallow fibreglass cone and a compact but powerful neodymium magnet, dual 2-ohm voice coils, a Nitrile Butadiene rubber surround and a flat Nomex™ spider. With a mounting depth of just over 3”, the GS8ND2 fits many applications that a standard 8” woofer doesn’t.
  • Fiberglass Cone
  • 2” (50 mm) Voice Coil on Kapton Former
  • Dual 2 Ω Voice Coils
  • Copper Inductance- and Distortion-Reducing Pole Piece Cap
  • Extended Pole Piece
  • Vented Voice Coil Gap
  • Flared Pole Piece Vent
  • Neodymium Magnet
  • Machined Back Plate
  • Tinsel Leads Stitched to the Spider
  • Flat Nomex® Spider
  • Nitrile Butadiene Rubber Surround
  • Nominal Impedance: 1 Ω or 4 Ω
  • RMS Power Handling: 250W
  • Peak Power Handling: 500W
  • Frequency Response (-3 dB): 30 Hz – 300 Hz
  • Sensitivity (2.83 V/1 M): 91 dB (1 Ω configuration)
  • Recommended Amplifier RMS Power Range: 100W – 400W


Enclosure Performance

Sealed Enclosure:

Sealed Enclosure: Volume (Net): 7.1 liters (0.25 cubic feet)

Vented Enclosure:

Vented Enclosure Volume (Net): 14.2 liters (0.50 cubic feet)
Enclosure Tuning Frequency: 40 Hz
Port Diameter: 50 mm (2”)
Port Length: 225 mm (8-7/8”)
Audiofrog recommends round ports with flared ends
Use 26 Hz 12dB/octave Butterworth infrasonic (high pass) filter

Infinite Baffle:

Use 29 Hz 12dB/oct Butterworth infrasonic (high pass) filter

Thiele & Small Parameters:

  • Revc: 1 Ω or 4 Ω
  • Levc @1 kHz: 0.18 mH (1 Ω configuration)
  • Sd: 216 cm²
  • Mmd: 111.3 g
  • Mms: 122.8  g
  • Cms: 122.8 µM/N
  • Vas: 8.1 liters
  • Fs: 42.7 Hz
  • BL: 6.72 TM (1 Ω configuration)
  • Qms: 5.186
  • Qes: 0.606
  • Qts: 0.542
  • Xmax (1-way linear): 10 mm (3/8”)
  • Basket Displacement: 0.566 liters (0.02 ft³)


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