Focal IW T3Y 200 2-WOOFER KIT to suit Tesla


Focal IW T3Y 200

2-WOOFER KIT to suit Tesla Model 3 and Model Y

Sold as a Pair.

Specifically designed for Model 3 and Model Y from car manufacturer Tesla®, the Focal IW T3Y 200 woofers aim at drivers who wish to replace their OEM audio system with a Focal solution suited to their vehicle. Quick and easy to install, the Focal IW T3Y 200 kit significantly improves the in-car listening experience.

Designed and built in France, the speaker drivers boast the Flax sandwich cone, made from flax fibre. Renowned for its outstanding performance, this Focal technology helps to reproduce purenatural and ultra-realistic sound.

The Focal IW T3Y 200 kit also includes a neodymium magnet to enhance its in-car performance further.

The Focal Inside kits for Tesla® vehicles offer a custom configuration and a 100% Plug & Play system. This allows you to set up the audio system of your choice and create the best possible listening experience.



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