PAC Audio BKVXT62 Universal 6.5″ Speaker Baffles



Universal 6.5" Speaker Baffles

You have invested a lot of time and money putting your stereo system together and the Stinger BKVXT62 Acoustic Baffles will help you keep the tunes flowing. Car washes, rain, dirt, dust, and harsh weather can quickly damage a loudspeaker.

Even loudspeakers made from today’s exotic materials can benefit from the Acoustic Baffle.

Plated components and critical voice coil gaps are protected. Along with providing a sealed chamber, the Acoustic Baffle forms a mounting seal between the speaker and the mounting surface, eliminating panel-to-frame resonance. The Acoustic Baffle will improve door acoustics by reducing road noise and vibrations transferred to the back of the speaker cone.

For improved sound and protection like that, this is an offer you can’t refuse.

  • Extends speaker lifetime.
  • Protects speakers from water, rust and electrical shorting
  • Improve door acoustics and reduces door panel noise
  • Stops dust and dirt from reaching the speaker cone and voice coil gap
  • It can be used with woofers, mid-bass, midrange, full range, and coax systems with a 6.5" sized speaker.


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