Universal Multi Camera Switching Interface.Perfect interface for those wanting to upgrade their car with Blind Spot Cameras.

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PAC Audio VS41

Universal Multi Camera Switching Interface.

PAC Audio Universal Multi-Camera Switching Interface

The PAC Audio VS41 is a universal 4-camera switcher that features four camera inputs (front, left and right side, and rear) and one video output for connecting to a factory or aftermarket radio with a video display. The inputs are triggered by driver behavior with the rear backup inputs automatically activated when the vehicle is shifted into reverse and side inputs prompted by the turn signals. The PAC Audio VS41 is a perfect complement to the versatile universal mount back-up and side blind spot elimination cameras from EchoMaster.

  • Can be used as a standalone interface or in conjunction with a PAC BCI or RP4.2 interface

PAC Audio VS41 - Specifications

* 4-camera input (front, rear and side cameras)
* Connects directly to analog turn-signal circuit with flash eliminating signal buffer for uninterrupted side camera activation
* Works with OE or aftermarket radio (OE requires interface)
* Priority override for back-up camera signal
* Provides reverse camera output trigger for aftermarket radios
* Direct plug-n-play data controlled from select PAC RadioPRO and BCI products
* Can be used as a standalone interface or in conjunction with a PAC BCI or RP4.2 interface


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