Sound Garage - Authorised Code Safe Dealer

April 10, 2018

Sound Garage appointed as an Authorised Code Safe Dealer



Sound Garage has become a registered CODE SAFE installer to bring a new generation keypad immobiliser to our local community for the Northern Brisbane suburbs area, here in Queensland, to safeguard our vehicles from theft.

Code Safe

The DigitalKeypad is a three-point immobiliser, including, ignition, starter motor and electronic fuel immobilisation, with a black wiring harness.

Did you know that nearly a third of the nations car thefts are in Victoria? But also on the rise in Queensland.

Sound Garage is now installing CODE SAFE to add another layer of security to your vehicle.

CODE SAFE is a new generation keypad immobiliser. A sophisticated anti-theft device that no unauthorised driver can start the vehicle even if they have your keys!!!

Call Sound Garage today to book your vehicle in for your CODE SAFE installation PH: 07 3482 3861.


  • Sound Garage is an approved CAR AUDIO MASTERS (CAM) group registered installer. Giving you a lifetime warranty on installations;
  • Ready to Upgrade car safe security systems with CODE SAFE KEYPAD IMMOBILISERS.

With a lifetime warranty, you will always have peace of mind.

Installation prices usually start for all vehicles including Nissan Pulsars, Holden Commodores VX and VE, Ford Falcons highest vehicles stolen here in Australia (source: #Heard Sun) $340+and all prestigious vehicles including vintage cars, CAN system 2001 all brands and models ( push button start vehicles ) and 4 x 4, usual price $380+)


Sound Garage, your security specialist in the Northern Suburbs of Brisbane.

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