Sound Garage welcomes HELIX to our Premium Product line-up

September 26, 2022

HELIX – Automotive-HiFi for music lovers

Made in Germany

For Helix, the label "Made in Germany" has always been more than just a designation of origin: it is a promise of quality that everyone at the Schmallenberg site feels committed to and extends far beyond the company's internal divisions.
Helix preferred cooperation with regional suppliers reflects their preference for the highest quality “Made in Germany” components and is a shining example of the high standards that Helix place on the development of our products. Short-distance supply chains, face-to-face communication and our optimal processes ensure the only best results.

Simply passion for music

In its diversity, music directly touches the heart of the listener. You can almost hear and feel the passion when the sound is reproduced as the performer intended.

For this reason, Audiotec Fischer develops the HELIX audio products with the same dedication and precision as their reference devices from BRAX. As with the quality of a musical instrument, high-quality audio components have a significant influence on the naturalness of the timbre. We believe in having found the perfect DNA of sound in HELIX, resulting in a realistic and powerful sound inside your car.

Sound quality at the highest level by music lovers for music lovers. The more high-end sound inside a vehicle is hardly possible.

High-Resolution Audio

Anyone who speaks of high-end HiFi in the digital domain also automatically considers hi-res audio formats such as Tidal, Deezer or Qobus.

With HELIX they offer a complete signal chain with HiRes-capable DSPs and amplifiers, which enables loss-free audio playback in the car.

So more high-end sound inside a vehicle is hardly possible

German art of engineering

Like no other brand, HELIX stands for the development and manufacturing of the most sophisticated car hi-fi components with decades of experience. The brand's success is no coincidence, but rather the result of meticulous research and numerous, proprietary core technologies.

Each of the HELIX products is designed and developed in-house by Audiotec Fischer down to the last detail. The result is a smart product range with an ideal solution for every application. Always with the aim of satisfying our basic need for rhythm and music.

Unique power supply technologies

The power supply has a significant influence on sound quality. Only with a stable power source in all modules is it possible to guarantee full dynamics and purity of the reproduction.

Audiotec Fischer's proprietary power supply technologies combine maximum efficiency with minimum space requirements. In addition, unconditional stability regardless of the onboard voltage is guaranteed – ideal for use in vehicles with start-stop features.

HELIX Processors | DSP

Digital signal processing at the highest level

A digital signal processor, or DSP for short, is the "brain" of every car hi-fi system. The DSP serves as a "controller" for the audio sources inside the car and compensates for the suboptimal mounting locations in the vehicle. The advantages of HiRes audio only really come into play with a DSP. So when it comes to ensuring the best possible integration, adaption and control of your car hi-fi system, the use of a HELIX DSP is absolutely a must. Audiotec Fischer offers four differently powerful HELIX signal processors, which offer a perfect solution for all imaginable system configurations.

The innovation power of Audiotec Fischer is also manifested in our software. The most powerful and most intuitive GUI on the market has the same look & feel across all three brands- BRAX, HELIX and MATCH. All the years of experience in the DSP segment are therefore generally incorporated into the entire range.

Worldwide reputation in the field of signal processing creates the ideal platform for driving your audio components in the most future-proof manner. It is not by chance that we offer the best processor in the DSP segment, according to the verdicts of car audio magazines*.

* Car&Hifi 2/2020 – HELIX DSP ULTRA



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