Why Have My Car Speakers Stopped Working?

December 5, 2022

You're driving along, jamming out to your favourite tunes, when suddenly the sound cuts out. You check your head unit or phone to make sure you're not on mute, but no—the problem is with your car speakers. Why have they stopped working, and what can you do to fix them? Let's take a look.

Damaged Speaker


Blown Fuses

One of the most common reasons why car speakers stop working is a blown fuse. To check if this is the problem, locate your car's fuse box (it's usually under the dash) and remove the fuse for the audio system. Inspect the fuse to see if it's blown or damaged in any way. If it is, replace it with a new one of the same amp and type. Once you've replaced the fuse, test out your audio system to see if it's working again.

Loose Wires

If the problem doesn't lie with the fuse, another reason could be loose wiring. Over time, vibrations from driving can cause wires to become loose or disconnected. To fix this problem, you'll need to open up your car's dash and check the connections between the speakers and the amplifier. If you see any loose wires, tighten them up and see if that solves the problem.

If that doesn't work, you may need to replace them altogether. You can purchase replacement speaker wires at most auto part stores. Be sure to get the right size for your car's make and model. Once you've replaced the wires, reconnect them to the amplifier and test out your speakers to see if they're working again.

Bad Speaker Connections

If your car speakers still aren't working after checking the wires and fuses, then it's possible that there's a problem with the speaker connections themselves. Over time, dirt and grime can build up on the speaker terminals, causing them to corrode and damage. This can prevent proper electrical connection between the speaker and amplifier.

To fix this problem, you'll need to disconnect the negative terminal of your car battery (to avoid an electric shock), and then remove the speaker cover so you can access the terminals. Clean off any dirt or corrosion using a mild solution of vinegar and water (or alcohol if vinegar isn't available). Once the terminals are clean, reconnect them securely and reattach the speaker covers. Finally, reconnect your car battery and test out your audio system to see if it's working properly again.

As you can see, there are a few common reasons why car speakers might stop working, including loose wires, blown fuses and bad speaker connections. By troubleshooting each of these problems individually, you should be able to get your audio system back up and running without much fuss. However, if this still doesn't do the trick, it's best to seek out the advice of a speaker specialist such as Sound Garage. We provide helpful guidance related to your speaker systems, and if the worst-case scenario happens and you need a replacement kit, we can hook you up with the latest speakers, subwoofers and amps.

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