Alpine Electronics full-scale 1-km test course.

November 13, 2019

Designed to simulate 15 different types of road surfaces found throughout the world and used to test their products in a real enviorment.

This level of testing and commitment allows Alpine Car Sound to maintain it's excellent level of quality products.

Alpine Car Sound Test Track

In-car components are constantly subjected to vibration. Such vibration is not constant, and varies according to differences in road surfaces.

Aiming for consistent performance regardless of the type of vibration, Alpine conducts thorough verification. Alpine Electronics perform vibration simulations on the computer base plate and casing at the design stage, and repeated verifications on their test course - the only such course operated by a car audio maker.

The test ctrack features 15 different types of road surfaces in its inner and outer tracks including cobblestone surfaces, gravel roads, irregular bumps, ""washboard"" surfaces and railroad crossings. This allows Alpine to carry out actual driving tests for their equipment over a wide range of conditions that our products are likely to encounter in various areas of the world.

In reality, Europe is a continuous land mass where drivers can drive across national boundaries. Hence, road surfaces change significantly. It is Alpine's responsibility to maintain its no-compromise attitude in responding to such needs, and it is vital for the company to do so in order to win the trust of even more customers in the future.

Alpine's indoor tests involve computer-reproduced vibrations on a special vibration tester for conducting advanced vibration simulation tests based on data collected on the test course and actual roads. These tests subject products to simultaneous vibrations (shocks) in three directions: vertical, lateral and fore-aft. Alpine products go through this rigorous series of tests to ensure their sturdiness and resistance to in-car vibrations.

Alpine Car Sound and In-car equipment is subjected to harsh environments, such as vibrations that change depending on the road surface, changes in temperature, and other factors. These also change significantly depending on the region. 
Furthermore, in order for Alpine Car Sound systems to reproduce quality audio, it is vital to have good knowledge of the specific acoustic characteristics that can have an impact on sound quality, such as the size of the interior of the car, seat positions, and dashboard material. 
Alpine Electronics has developed an advanced research and development system, performs simulations on computers at the design stage, and conducts testing of actual products at the Evaluation Center.

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