Alpine iLX-F309E - Halo9 - Voice Assist

March 17, 2018

Alpine iLX-F309E - Halo 9

This years most talked about head unit, coming soon to Sound Garage.

Alpine iLX-F903D

Featuring Voice Assist.

Push the voice button on your Alpine unit or your steering wheel buttons (if supported) to activate Siri or the Google Assistant.
You can simply ask to call people, ask for route directions, write and send messages, ask for weather forecasts and much, much more.
The Alpine iLX-F309E - Halo9 is going to be such a game changer for head units when it comes to Australia!
With a HUGE 9” tablet style screen on a single din chassis, our team are going to be able to install this unit into almost any vehicle.
If you would like to be notified when the new Alpine iLX-F309E - Halo9 is being released, please comment here or send us a PM and you will be amongst the first to know!

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